Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Romans 1:6-25, Psalm 19:2-5, Luke 11:37-41


The word of God is living and effective,
able to discern reflections and thoughts of the heart. Heb 4:12

Romans 1:6-25, Psalm 19:2-5, Luke 11:37-41

Romans 1:6-25

Dear Love, Beloved of my soul,

To all who believe has been given the power to be called children of God. You came to reveal the Good News the people of God, the descendants of Abraham, the Jews, but they rejected You. Their rejection worked in our favor for You turned to us the Gentiles, and to us was revealed the love of God, the power of God, the wonder of God's humility that He would stoop in love over us who are unworthy and reveal to us what He was prepared to do for us through You, in order to restore the wounded and broken relationship between God and us.

John 3:16 sums it all so perfectly. Thank You for faith which is Your free to us when we are grafted into Your Body and become children of God in the Sacrament of Baptism. 

The world continues to reject You. The world continues to put forth more and more bizarre theories as to why the new gospel is the worship of self, and the satisfaction of all that the flesh desires is the way to be fulfilled and happy. Yet, our world has never been more divided than it is in this age. There is only one God, there is only one Savior, there is only one Hope, there is only one Way to the Kingdom of God and without the Holy Spirit it is impossible to make the journey from the darkness of sin to the way of light which is Truth.

Truth is not relative. Truth is unchanging. Truth can be denied but it can never be anything other than what it is.

My soul's beloved, as long as the world denies Truth it is doomed to suffer violence and division. Thank You for hope that in the end Truth will prevail and we will reach out to You and be saved.

Psalm 19:2-5

Dear Love, Beloved of my soul,

Every one who is born into the world is able to come to know You, to recognize You in Your works that surrounds us. Nature unceasingly, testifies to the power of God, the majesty of God, the mind of God, the love of God. God has created the heavens and the earth for us to live in, to enjoy, to marvel, and to turn our whole being to You in profound joy and with grateful hearts that You love us.

Thank You for making Yourself visible in the beauty and grandeur of nature, in the face of a child, in the laughter of children, in the love of a mother and father, in the generosity of friendships, in the Liturgy and above all in the Sacraments. Thank You!

Luke 11:37-41

Dear Love, Beloved of my soul,

It is amazing how we can be distracted by the banal, the inconsequential, the absolutely irrelevant, like the Pharisee who we are told was amazed because You did not observe the ritual washing before the meal.

But am I any different from the Pharisee? I have often worked myself up into self-righteous indignation about things that don't matter. People are different, cultures are different, but the truth about all of humanity, the core of who we are does not change. It is time we begin to obsess less on the things that divide us and work consciously and tirelessly on the things that unite. Let us put aside our differences and work together to bring about Your Kingdom on earth and then as You have said, "Behold, everything will be clean for you." 

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