Thursday, December 10, 2015

Myra Musing

Someday my eyes will see the Treasure my heart holds when I receive Him in the Holy Eucharist.


Disarm with agape love.

I received Jesus in the Eucharist today and it turned an ordinary day into heaven.


For God there are no accidents. He is able to draw good from every situation no matter how evil or tragic.

There is a time frame in life, none in eternity. In the eternal now every prayer is heard and answered.

The surest way to wound a mother is to wound her children.

Human love no matter how sweet is never sweeter or more satisfying than the love of God.

It is extraordinarily easy to hammer nails into one's own coffin.

There are some who test God and find Him wanting.

A little ignorance goes a long way to destruction while a little wisdom goes a long way to understanding.

To be pro love is to be pro life for where there is love there is life.

It is better to err on the side of love than to be right on the side of sanctimonious self-righteousness. The former is pleasing to God the latter is abhorrent.


Any good I do is because God does the good in me, I can only take credit for my stupidity.


Often we leave the good Lord no choice but to use tough love to get our attention to heed His call to conversion, only then can He fill us with true joy.

In sorrow and tribulation the love of God is perfected in us.

There is a temptation to focus on how we feel but if we do this we miss the whole point of the mission of suffering.

God's purpose for all of us is the same - it is unity with Himself. We have a foretaste of this unity each time we receive Him in the Eucharist.

There is a temptation to compartmentalize our lives surrendering only a part to God and keeping control of the rest. There can never be perfect peace when we live divided lives. God wants all of us - not bits and pieces. He wants much more than the crumbs we offer Him although He receives them humbly. 


We grow by listening to the Word that is proclaimed to us in the Liturgy and through sound and divinely inspired interpretation by those whom God has called and appointed.

The magisterium which is the teaching authority of the Church interprets the Word according to Apostolic Tradition.  Sunday is the day of the Lord and must be dedicated to worship and to enter into God's rest.  We rejoice on this day which is set apart from the rest of the week to contemplate the Face of God in You, the Eternal Word and to share what You have given us with those who have not.  In this way, we glorify You, the Father and the Holy Spirit.

Beloved, You have raised marriage to a Sacrament because You know that it takes all the grace You make available in order for a marriage to reflect the spousal union between You and Your Church.  A husband pours out himself for his wife and his children and a wife, in turn, responds as only a woman can; with generosity, openness, tenderness, and love. She receives all that is given with joy.  She looks at her spouse as the Church looks at You who are her Rock, her Stronghold, her Deliverer, and Protector.


We cannot be cafeteria Catholics cherry picking what we find palatable and discarding the more challenging aspects of our faith.

There will always be people who profess to be Christian but are embarrassed by those who have a loud, genuine enthusiasm about the faith. The reward for an expectant faith is receiving all that one asks for and more.  Case in point Blind Bartimaeus and some people in the crowd.

 I shudder when I think of the sins of my past.  If you had called me to judgment while I was still keeping close company with sin, I would have been lost eternally.  But You have been extremely generous, kind and merciful. You drew me to Yourself gently, patiently, lovingly, with infinite goodness and mercy. You did not give up on me. How do I repay You?  How do I deal with those who are still struggling as I once did?  I have forgotten my own weaknesses and now I hold up a hardhearted scale to measure the faults and mistakes of all and sundry. I mete out harsh and cruel punishment in the courtroom of my mind, where You who are all seeing and all knowing, look on at my hypocrisy in utter amazement.  

Forgive me my Lord and may I always remember that if it were not for Your mercy I would have been only fit to be cast into the outer darkness eternally.  I beg You to give me a heart like Your own.  Amen.


Truth is hard to swallow especially when it reveals unpalatable truths about ourselves.

At the Supper of the Lamb, and at the Great Banquet, the Marriage Feast, Christ will present the Church, His Bride, to His Father.