Saturday, March 4, 2017

Isaiah 59:9-14, Psalm 86:1-6, Luke 5:27-32


I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked man, says the Lord,
but rather in his conversion, that he may live. Ez 33:11

Isaiah 59:9-14, Psalm 86:1-6, Luke 5:27-32

Isaiah 59:9-14

My soul's beloved, You make some wonderful promises to me today if I walk in humility, obedience, gentleness, and kindness. If I am generous and compassionate You will ensure that Your life and Your light shall be in me and will lift the darkness in and around me. Your light will shine and guide me and sadness will depart from me. You will feed my hunger and quench my thirst on the Bread of Angels, and Living Water. You will renew my strength and my spirit. 

I on my part must honor Your commandments and live them. I must choose Your will over mine. I must be selfless putting the needs of others before my own which can be difficult. I must make You my heart's delight and You will hide me within You and I will rise to the heights where You dwell in holiness and splendor.

Psalm 86:1-6

My soul's beloved, grant that my whole being is attuned to the sound of Your voice and You in turn hear my moans, and groans, my pleading. Keep me O Lord safe in Your love and in Your Word. May I never stray from the path that leads to life. Lead me in the way of truth and have mercy on me for I am weak, and lack the will to choose Your will over my own. Stay with Me Lord, answer when I call, and comfort me when there is no one save You who can console and comfort. 

Luke 5:27-32

My soul's beloved, it is You who seek and save the lost. You desire not the death of a single sinner. God does not desire that Your death be in vain. You saw the tax collector, despised by his own people, enslaved by his greed, and his inability to do anything to change his situation. He had to live with the choices he had made and although he was rich he was not a happy man. But You had other plans for him. You sought him out, he who was ostracized by his own people as a traitor, and he could scarcely believe he had heard right when You extended the invitation, "Follow me." He who saw no way out now found the light shining brightly around him. He found hope, joy, acceptance just as he was. It is wonder then that he left everything behind him, got up and followed You.

He was so grateful at finally belonging he threw a great banquet to which he invited other tax collectors and friends. A banquet for sinners with God present. There is no room there for the self-righteous, the pompous, the holier-than-thou; but there is always room for the sinner. Thank You for Your assurance that You came to seek and save the lost. Thank You for seeking and saving me.

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