Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Genesis 8:6-13, 20-22, Psalm 116:12-15, 18-19, Mark 8:22-26


May the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ
enlighten the eyes of our hearts,
that we may know what is the hope
that belongs to his call. Eph 1:17-18

Genesis 8:6-13, 20-22, Psalm 116:12-15, 18-19, Mark 8:22-26

Genesis 8:6-13, 20-22

My soul's beloved, the burnt offering that Noah offered to God as a sacrifice rose up as sweet fragrance before God.  How much more is the Sacrifice of the Lamb of God, without stain or blemish pleasing to Him and how readily He forgives us our transgressions. As long as the Blood of the Lamb covers me I will not be struck down, I shall not die, I shall live.

Psalm 116:12-15, 18-19

My soul's beloved, the only acceptable offering to the Father in expiation of the sins of the world is the raised cup of salvation filled with the Blood of the Lamb. God has made a Covenant of Love with us and He will never forget it. This is why I am called to be faithful, humble, and obedient. I am saved by His Blood, precious forever in the sight of God and I have His assurance that I will be received into eternity because You have won the victory for me.  Thank You Lord.

Mark 8:22-26

My soul's beloved, this miracle took place because the people brought the blind an to You and begged You to touch and heal him. Instead of performing the miracle before the disciples You led him out of the village and putting Your spittle on the man's eyes he recovered his vision partially. Again You lay Your hands on Him and he was able to see perfectly. Then You told the man not to return to the village. Not to return to notoriety but to go forth and proclaim what You had done for him. 

This is my mission as well. I have been led from the old ways of sin to a new path that leads to life. I have received the Sacraments and Your grace and power now flow in me. You do no wish me to return to my owl sinful way of life but You desire that I leave the past behind and become a disciple with a mission to make You known and loved everywhere so all may experience Your love and be saved.

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