Friday, January 13, 2017

Hebrews 4:1-5, 11, Psalm 78:3-4, 6-8, Mark 2:1-12


A great prophet has arisen in our midst
and God has visited his people. Lk 7:17

Hebrews 4:1-5, 11, Psalm 78:3-4, 6-8, Mark 2:1-12

Hebrews 4:1-5, 11

My soul's beloved, we were created for You, for God, and for a life of eternal joy in Your Presence. But we lost what God had given us through disobedience and a disordered will. We were created for rest in the bosom of the Most High God and for a life of eternal joy in You. When our first parents lost our inheritance all was not lost for God our Father would not permit that His children be destroyed forever. 

However, not everyone believes, just as in the old day the people of God did not believe the prophets and those God sent to prepare them to receive You. Even today You are rejected by the world and those who believe in You are rejected as well for people prefer to live a life in the world rather than to be be a part from it.  The world is in turmoil, in conflict, gripped with violence and hate because we refuse to receive the One whom the Father sent and in whom alone is perfect peace and rest.  But for those who believe Beloved, those who strive in the way of truth and life, will be granted the fullness of joy in You.

Psalm 78:3-4, 6-8

My soul's beloved, keep me ever mindful of all that God has done to save us. He has done marvelous deeds in order to reveal His great love for us for while we were still sinners He sent You into the world to redeem us at the cost of Your Own life. This is the Good News of our salvation - this is the unspeakable, unfathomable, love of the Father who was prepared to give You up, send You into the world in poverty, as a little Baby, rejected even as You were born. The rejection continues to this day because those who have believed have failed to pass down the faith to their children and their children have grown up ignorant of the Father's love and God's supreme sacrifice.

Forgive us Lord for not being as ardent in living our faith and handing it down to future generation. Make up for our lack and from this day forth grant that our efforts will bear fruit that will last. May our children receive all that You desire to give and may they in turn hand it down to those who come after them faithfully from one generation to the next until You come again in glory.

Mark 2:1-12

My soul's beloved, the people had heard of You and they flocked to see You. They wanted to hear Your words, listen to Your teaching and the place was packed with no standing room even. Into this scenario the friends of the paralytic who have also heard of You and believe that You can heal him also arrive. But they cannot enter, they cannot squeeze the man through along with the pallet he is lying on. But they were determined that their friend be brought before You and receive healing.

These friends put us to shame. How willing am I Lord to have those whom I love, and who are in need of healing to face any hurdle in order to bring them to You? I am mostly indifferent and so are many who know You and have experience Your mercy, healing, forgiveness and compassion. We take it all for granted and keep our blessings hidden instead of shouting it from the rooftops so others too might flock to You. 

You forgave man's sins first which was imperative if he was to be completely healed and holier than thou and self-righteous among the crowd took offence but were too cowardly to speak openly, instead they grumbled within themselves. God who knows all things that we do in secret, was aware of their inner grumbling and He called them out in public. You are never afraid to point out the error of our thoughts or ways and correct us. You then demonstrated to the crowd that You were indeed God when after forgiving the man's sins You commanded him to get up, pick up his mat and walk and this he did before the crowd who were amazed. 

Grant us O Lord this same amazement at all the marvels You do for us and may we not shut up about them but shout out from the rooftops all the wonderful things that You have done for us and continue to do so all may rejoice and believe.

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