Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Revelations 15:1-4, Psalm 98:1-3, 7-9, Luke 21:12-19


Remain faithful until death
and I will give you the crown of life. Rev 2:10C

Revelations 15:1-4, Psalm 98:1-3, 7-9, Luke 21:12-19

Revelations 15:1-4

My soul's beloved, You have won the victory over sin and death and Your rule and dominion  is everlasting. 

You who are the Son of the Living God have won for us who believe the privilege of knowing You, loving You, and serving You in this life; and in the next we have the hope of living with You forever. 

In heaven as one earth all sing Your praise to the glory of the Father. Thank You for showing us the way to the Father's house. Thank You for drawing all creation to Yourself through Your suffering, and thank You for teaching us that all we endure in this life for Your sake and the sake of the Good News will be rewarded with eternal life with You, the Father and the Holy Spirit.

Psalm 98:1-3, 7-9

My soul's beloved, thank You for creating me. Thank You for letting me taste Your goodness, Your everlasting mercy, and Your infinite love. You have won the victory and You have defeated death, and sin.  To You has been granted glory, honor, and power and all who come to You will live with You for You never forsake Your own. You have struck mightily and You have vanquished the enemy forever. Your Kingdom is forever and Your rule will never end. You are mercy, forgiveness, kindness, and compassion to all who believe in You and You forgive all our sins when we approach You with contrite hearts. There is nothing that Your love cannot conquer. There is no wound You cannot heal. 

Thank You my soul's beloved for inviting me to belong to You and for granting all the grace necessary for me to desire You above all created things.

Luke 21:12-19

My soul's beloved, thank You for revealing to us that we can expect to be persecuted for our faith in You. The world hates You and has rejected You because it prefers a life of self-indulgence. Unless we are prepared to die to self and to the world we can have no hope of eternal life. The Way to God is through the Cross of suffering. We have to be prepared to lay down our lives if we are to pick it up again and live forever. You desire that we live trusting You to provide us with all we need and even if we are imprisoned and are put on trial we are not to worry for Your Spirit is with us and He will inspire us with words of wisdom that no one can refute. Thank You for telling us not to be surprised if those closest to us betray us but not to be dismayed or anxious for having You we have everything. Our lives are forever secure in You.

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