Thursday, June 9, 2016

1 Kings 18:41-46, Psalm 65:10-13, Matthew 5:20-26


1 Kings 18:41-46, Psalm 65:10-13, Matthew 5:20-26

1 Kings 18:41-46

My soul’s beloved, the person who belongs to You and is attuned to Your voice can  know, and hear things that those who are far away from You cannot. Here we see the prophet Elijah hearing the sound of rain rushing in although there was no sign of rain. He prays with confidence and he is certain that he is heard. He prays with an expectant faith and he sends his servant to look in the direction from where he expects the answer to his prayer to come. Seven times he prayed and seven times he sent his servant and each time he returned saying there was nothing until the seventh time. You teach us to be persistent in prayer. Not to give up, not to lose heart, but when we are praying according to Your will we can be certain that You will answer and miracles will happen.

Psalm 65:10-13

My soul’s beloved, the psalmist speaks of Your generosity, Your largess in giving. It is You who gives us every good thing we need at the proper time. You give of Your bounty and You give without restraint. God speaks His Word and the power of the Spirit is released in the utterance of His Word. The rain of God’s mercy falls on the hardened heart, grace softens it, the treasures of the grace won for us on the Cross make it possible for us bear fruit, to overcome sin. To rid ourselves of all that holds us back from yielding to You and God blesses us with an abundance of fruit. Every hard fought battle won through grace that enables us to strive after holiness of heart will enable us to become a blessing to all around us.

Matthew 5:20-26

My soul’s beloved, there are some people who are content with doing the bare minimum. The follow the laws and they expect that by doing so they have fulfilled the requirements expected by God. They are scrupulous in their many devotions expecting to be rewarded and saved through them but their hearts are hard and they sit in strict judgment over their weaker brothers and sisters. You tell us bluntly that God is not pleased with our scrupulosity and efforts at piety. You expect Your disciples to look to You as our model and to imitate You. We are called to live in peace and harmony with one another. To forgive wrongs and injuries quickly. Not to bear a grudge rather to make peace while we are still alive if not when we stand before the righteous Judge we will be called to make recompense in full in the purifying fire of purgatory before we can come into Your glorious Presence to live with You in bliss eternally.

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