Monday, May 9, 2016

Acts 19:1-8, Psalm 68:2-7, John 16:29-33


Acts 19:1-8, Psalm 68:2-7, John 16:29-33

Acts 19:1-8

My soul’s beloved, we are all called to preach the Good News boldly. Paul never tired of speaking of You and all that You did when You walked the earth. He never tired of speaking of his own personal encounter with You and how his life had changed dramatically from one who persecuted the Church to becoming one of its most ardent members.

My Lord and my God, the gift of the Holy Spirit is given to all who desire to receive Him. Holy Spirit of God descend upon me and remain in me so that in all things I  may act, speak, and live through You who are the power of God and the Glory of God.

Psalm 68:2-7

My soul’s beloved, it appears right now as we look at the world that evil like never before has been unleashed. You and those who belong to You are hated with a hatred that is so wicked and virulent it is unbelievable. However, this is not new for when we look at the history of the Church, Christians have always been persecuted this is why You have warned us to remember that what they did to You the Master, the Teacher, and Lord they will do to those who follow You as well.

You have also said to rejoice if we are called to suffer for Your Name’s sake. Thank You my soul’s beloved for reminding us that we ought not to fear those who can kill the body but after that can do nothing more, rather we are to fear the One who can kill both body and soul. Thank You for setting us free from the shackles of sin and making us daughters and sons of the Most High God, Your Father and ours by adoption.

John 16:29-33

You have said that You are not alone because the Father is with You and I am not alone my soul’s beloved because You are always with me. I believe and I pray that I may always strengthened by Your Holy Spirit, so when the time of persecution comes, I will stand firm and not scatter in fear. You came to give us peace not the peace that comes from possessing material things, nor the peace that comes from belonging to someone, but rather the deep seated, unshakeable inner peace that comes from knowing and loving You and from being known and loved by You. Thank You for assuring us that we need never be afraid because You have overcome the world.

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