Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Acts 11:19-26, Psalm 87:1-7, John 10:22-30


Acts 11:19-26, Psalm 87:1-7, John 10:22-30

Acts 11:19-26

My soul’s beloved, You confirm what You have said to me in Your Word for me today. If the hand of the Lord is with those who preach and teach the Good News then a great number will turn to the Lord and believe. There will be signs of the presence of God in the miracles that take place when good people pray and are filled with faith in You and the Holy Spirit. If we remain in You we can expect to bear good fruit but apart  from You we will soon wither and die. Let me never forget this truth; nothing can be won by force unless it is the force of agape love.

Psalm 87:1-7

My soul’s beloved, we are told that in Antioch the believers were first known as Christians. You are Christ, the Anointed One of God and we are Your followers so we are called Christians and bearers of the Good News, the fruit we are called to produce and present to others is You. Holy Mother Church is the New Jerusalem, the New Zion and all who are born of her are born of God and know God for we are baptized in the Truth of God’s Living, Eternal Word. We rejoice that our names are registered in the Book of Life and at the end of this life You will receive us in the next; there to live with You eternally.

John 10:22-30

My soul’s beloved, I thank You for once again confirming Your Word to me today. It is by our fruits that we know if one is good – You asked Your hearers to look at Your Works done in the Name of Your Father and to believe that You are who You say You are – The Christ the Son of the Living God. But then only those who belong to Your flock know You and recognize Your voice and follow You just as You know them. Thank You for Your assurance that we will never perish, and that evil cannot snatch us from You for You are our Good Shepherd. We are entrusted to You by the Father Himself and made one in You we are also made one with the Father in and through Your Holy Spirit.

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