Monday, December 15, 2014

Numbers 24:2-7, 15-17, Psalm 25:4-9, Matthew 21:23-27


Numbers 24:2-7, 15-17, Psalm 25:4-9, 
Matthew 21:23-27

Numbers 24:2-7, 15-17
My Beloved, Israel was the nation and its people were the ones chosen and singled out by God. He planned their destiny, taught, guided and revealed through its' patriarchs and prophets of the plan to raise a king who would rule His people.  From the line of his descendants was to come the true King of Israel and the world.  One who would save people from every tribe and nation a King whose coming was foretold and whose birth was announced by the appearance of a new star in the sky.  
He comes to break the chains of sin and reveal to all people the Good News that God is Love, God is our Father and God would conquer, win the victory and reign in triumph with love through His Son who would reclaim what we had lost through sin.  He would save, redeem and restore God's people back to their Creator. 
Psalm 25:4-9
 My Beloved, Your Way is the Way of love and truth.  Instruct me, teach me and guide me Your Word is life grant me the grace to read it, listen to it, meditate on it and permit it to take root in my heart, grow, bear fruit and provide shade for the weary, the sad and the lost.  
You are my hope my Savior.  You have shown me mercy, compassion and unfailing love. Despite my sinful past, You did not reject me but You came in search of me. Give me a humble heart and fill me with Your Spirit so I in turn may do for others what You have so graciously done for me.  
Thank You my Lord! Continue to guide my steps all my days in the way of truth and love.
Matthew 21:23-27
My Beloved, one cannot compromise on the Truth - a thing is or it isn't yet, more often than not, we allow our right judgement to be influenced by people, money, position and power.  Sometimes we fog and muddy the truth because we fear the consequences of standing boldly and unafraid on the side of truth.
The chief priests and the teachers of the law felt threatened because they saw the difference between the way You taught and the the way they did.  They saw how people flocked to hear You and marveled at the difference in the way You taught and the way they did.  You spoke with a conviction and authority they lacked and they wanted to undermine You so they questioned You and demanded a response.  
You told them You would answer only if they would first answer Your question which they refused to do because they knew that whatever reply they would give it would show them up for the hypocrites they were. They answered with the lamest of lame excuses, "We do not know." 

Many times we too know the truth but we pretend we don't in order to stay on the side of those with influence and power. In doing so we rightly condemn ourselves because we refuse to talk on the side of Truth.

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