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Sirach 48:1-14, Psalm 97:1-7, Matthew 6:7-15


Sirach 48:1-14, Psalm 97:1-7, Matthew 6:7-15
Behold what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called children of God 1John 3:1
Sirach 48:1-14

My Beloved, every prophet and all he said and did was but a foreshadow of all the powerful words and mighty deeds You Yourself would utter and perform when You became Incarnate, entering space and time as one like us in all things save sin.  You showed us the way to the Kingdom.  All the prophets spoke the words of God, You however, are the Eternal Word of God.  You stay the wrath of God because of what You have done for us in accordance with His will.  You revealed and drew us into the New Covenant of Love established by the Father in You, with You and through You.  

Verses 10 & 14 are written about Elisha and yet they can be applied to You verbatim for You my Beloved are the fulfillment of every promise that God, our Father made to His children.

11 Happy are those who will see you
and those who die in love,
for we too shall live.
12 Such was Elijah, taken up in a whirlwind,
and Elisha was filled with his spirit.
During his life no leader could shake him,
no one dominated him.
13 Nothing was too dif­ficult for him
and even in death his body prophesied.
14 In life he worked wonders,
in death his deeds were amazing.

Psalm 97:1-7

My Beloved, we live in the final days when Your reign is declared in heaven and on earth.  You have won for Yourself people of every nation, tribe and language.  All that is worships and adores You and  proclaims that You are Lord to the glory of the Father. To You has been given all glory, power and honor. The fire of Your Word consumes, cleanses and strengthens.  It destroys the wicked but upholds those who belong to You.  The Light of Your Word and the power of Your Spirit dispel darkness and sin and reveals the way to the Kingdom of God.  In Your light we see light for it is the Light of Truth.
Matthew 6:7-15

My Beloved, You taught us how to pray.  You were  one with Your Father and always in tune with His will.  Your gaze was fixed on Him and His on You.  This is prayer.  You reveal that we must approach God as Father, Abba, Daddy - aware of our relationship with Him we are to acknowledge and address Him as such.  You tell us that this is the way to approach Him, as a child to his Dad.  We do God a grave injustice when we come before Him reluctantly and in fear believing Him to be cold, severe and unapproachable.  Rather we must be aware that our Father is aware of all we need even before we ask Him.

The Father desires to give us all that we need but we must know the right order in making them known to Him.   We address Him as Father, we desire what he desires for in this is our happiness.  The Kingdom of God on earth is our ultimate destiny.  To do the will of the Father must be our food and drink as it was for You, for nothing satisfies as much as knowing that we are ruled by the will of a loving Father, who desires only our good.  We then ask for  our spiritual and physical sustenance each day.  We cannot live with unforgiveness, it is a sore that festers and infects heart, mind, soul, body and spirit so we forgive.  Also, it is the condition by which God will  forgive our transgressions.  We are weak and so we plead not to be tested beyond our ability and strength to resist and endure.

Thank You my Beloved for teaching us how to pray!

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