Wednesday, June 18, 2014

2 Kings 2:1, 6-14, Psalm 31:20-21, 24, Matthew 6:1-6, 16-18


2 Kings 2:1, 6-14, Psalm 31:20-21, 24, Matthew 6:1-6, 16-18

2 Kings 2:1, 6-14

My Beloved, it is natural to cling to those we love and to desire never to be parted from them but there is no guarantee that the people we love will remain with us always.  If nothing else parts us then death will certainly bear them away beyond our sight and touch.

Elijah was taken up body and soul into heaven.  You granted him this honor and privilege and what You did for him You have most surely done for Mary, Your Mama and ours - the spotless Virgin, fair daughter of the Father and spouse of the most Holy Spirit.

Thank You for the hope that we too possess that Your Spirit will remain with us always and for the promise that where You are someday we too shall be.  Thank You for Your abiding Presence with us in the most holy Eucharist.
Psalm 31:20-21, 24

My Beloved, all whom You have redeemed and saved, all who through faith being grafted into Your Body through baptism, are kept safe in Your Presence.  We shelter in You as a chick shelters under its mother's wings.  We enter Your heart through Your open side and rest against Your Sacred Heart.

Loving Jesus, Eternal God and Savior of us all thank You for Your faithfulness and Your love.  Thank You for claiming me as Your Own.

Matthew 6:1-6, 16-18

My Beloved, keep me humble, keep me childlike, keep me innocent. I have nothing to prove to anyone.  You know me, You see me and everything I do in secret must be done to please You alone.  There is nothing so unattractive as those who precede their good works with the sound of gongs and trumpets drawing attention to their actions.  You called the Pharisees hypocrites because they paraded their good deeds before men.   What pleases You is humility and an awareness that without You and without the grace You provide so generously through the Sacraments, we could never be pleasing to You.

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