Friday, June 20, 2014

2 Kings 11:1-4, 9-18 & 20, Psalm 132:11-14, 17-18, Matthew 6:19-23


2 Kings 11:1-4, 9-18 & 20, Psalm 132:11-14, 17-18,  Matthew 6:19-23

2 Kings 11:1-4, 9-18 & 20

My Beloved, it is heartening and encouraging to know that despite all the wiles and the treachery of the wicked, Your will and Your purpose cannot be thwarted.  Fools believe   they can sin with impunity because their evil plots triumph for a while and they claim victory.  In fact, even while they gloat You are at work all the time in secret until the hour You have appointed arrives.

Athaliah sought to use her power to destroy the rightful heir to the kingdom.  She killed the legitimate rulers but God used Jehosheba, a woman and the daughter of a king, to save Joash.  He remained hidden in the House of the Lord until the appointed time. 

In the end the wicked are destroyed, Your plans prosper and Your will triumphs.  You have made an everlasting Covenant, You have promised Your people peace and You my Beloved are always true to Your Word.  Peace is ours not as the world gives; for the peace of the world is ephemeral, our peace comes from You who are the Prince of Peace.

Psalm 132:11-14, 17-18

My Beloved, God our Father has made a Covenant of Love with us through You.  You are our Covenant with the Father.  You who are Beloved of the Father and my Lord and God have established Your Church - You are its Cornerstone and in You have sworn to dwell in her until time gives way to eternity.

As prophesied over and over again a Son of David who was eternally the Son of the Father, would become the Light of the world.  A light that would shine and dispel the darkness.  The Light of the Son that illumines the heavens also illumines His Church and His people.  Sin and death have been routed.  PRAISE THE LORD!

Matthew 6:19-23

My Beloved, if my heart is possessed by worldly treasures or if I made idols of the people I love then I will spend the greater part of my life caught up in the things that perish.  But if You are my Treasure, If You are my heart's desire, If my whole being is caught up in knowing, loving and serving You then my heart will rest only in You Beloved.  You assure me that if the Light of Your Love and Your Presence remains in me, my eyes will radiate Your Light and my  body will become Your dwelling place.

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