Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Isaiah 49:1-6, Acts 13:22-26, Psalm 1-3, 13-15, Luke 1:57-66 & 80



Isaiah 49:1-6, Acts 13:22-26, Psalm 1-3, 13-15, Luke 1:57-66 & 80

Isaiah 49:1-6

My Beloved, the birth of Your cousin St. John the Baptist whose feast the Church celebrates today was also foretold by the prophet Isaiah.  He prophesied that John would receive his mission while still in his mother's womb.  Sacred Scripture speaks of the wonderful encounter of the Mother of God and the mother of the precursor of God as well as the encounter of the two babies still in the womb.  He leaped with joy in the Presence of the Most High and received the Holy Spirit.  He was to herald the coming of Him for whom the world had awaited since the dawn of creation.

Acts 13:22-26

My Beloved, the greatness of John of which You too have spoken is that he understood perfectly his role in the divine scheme of things.  He fulfilled all that God asked for him and even before Your arrival, he never once made himself to be what he clearly was not though the crowds ran after him.  Rather, he announced Your coming and with great humility confessed that he was not worthy even to untie Your sandals.  He also said that You must increase while he decreases.

My Beloved, humility is the most beautiful of all virtues without which all the other virtues lose their value..

Psalm 1-3, 13-15 

My Beloved, just as You chose John even before he was both I too have been known to God long before I was conceived.  He fashioned me.  He made me who I am.  He has a purpose for my life on earth and an eternity without end at its end.  He cares for me and He will fulfill all His plans for me if I will yield to Him in love, trust and joyful surrender.  

Here I am Beloved, do with me as You will!

Luke 1:57-66 & 80

My Beloved, every good and perfect comes from You and to You alone is all praise and thanksgiving due.  When Zechariah confirmed that the name given to him by God was John his tongue was set lose and he could speak.  He who was struck dumb and was rendered incapable of speech for nine months while his son was in his mother's womb could now speak and everyone knew that God has great plans for this child.

Verse 66 says,  that the people who were present understood that the hand of the hand of the Lord was with him and verse 80 tells us, that he was seen to be strong in the Spirit. Let Your hand be upon me my Lord and may Your Holy Spirit be my strength to help me while I am in the world not to be of the world.  AMEN!

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