Saturday, June 7, 2014

Acts 28:16-22, 30-31, Psalm 11:4-5 & 7, John 21:20-25


Acts 28:16-22, 30-31, Psalm 11:4-5 & 7, John 21:20-25

Acts 28:16-22, 30-31

As soon as Paul reaches Rome he makes not delay in reaching out to the Jewish authorities in order to allay any misconceptions they may have.  He uses every opportunity to speak clearly and boldly of You my Beloved.  He tries to explain that preaching You is in no way contradictory to the Jewish faith.  All that the Jews were expecting, yearning and hoping for finds its fulfillment and culmination in You who are the light and hope of all.  Some were convinced.  And so it is to this day - grace opens the ears, eyes and hearts of some while others go away untouched.  Grant my Beloved that we too, in our lifetime are able to convince at least a few of the truth we believe in and the reason for our hope in You. 

Psalm 11:4-5 & 7

My Beloved, it is most consoling to know that Your gaze is always turned to earth, to the people You have redeemed. You hate those who delight in violence and our world is spiralling more and more into bloody and terrifying violence each day.  What is even more terrifying than bodily and physical violence and mayhem is the violence that is being done to our soul and our spirit and the horrifying carnage of lives destroyed by evil in overt and subtle ways by those who use their power to serve the forces of darkness.

Thank You for the assurance that those who remain faithful will see Your Face.

John 21:20-25

Peter was concerned about trivialities just after You had entrusted Your Church to him.  You remind us that curiosity will get us no where.  If we are serious about being Your disciples, then we have to follow You uncompromisingly.  Anything extraneous to this call must be avoided lest we spend our energy chasing whirlwinds.  What matters is that we keep our gaze fixed on You, listen to Your voice and be prepared to follow You where You lead.

Keep me faithful to the end my Beloved. 

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