Monday, June 9, 2014

1 Kings 17:1-6, Psalm 121 1-8, Matthew 5:1-2


1 Kings 17:1-6, Psalm 121 1-8, Matthew 5:1-2

1 Kings 17:1-6

My Beloved, everything we say and do must be at the prompting of the Holy Spirit of God. We must allow Your Spirit indwelling in us to lead and guide us.  We must be attuned to His direction and our will must be conformed to Your will.  This is possible only when we know what it is You desire of us and this again is possible only if we wait on the Holy Spirit in prayer.

God worked mightily through the prophet Elijah because he was docile and obedient in all that God asked of him.  Lord God, grant me a humble heart, a willing spirit and prompt and joyful obedience to all You ask of me.  The more I am like You the more effective my witness to You will be in the world.

Psalm 121 1-8

My Beloved, I call God Father, You are my Brother and my Spouse and I am a member of Your Body, the Church.  Your Holy Spirit makes His home in me.  You keep me in Your Presence from sunrise to sunrise. No evil dare draw near me for You guard me as the apple of Your eye.  You have appointed angels to watch over me.  When I stumble, You reach out and steady me lest I should fall.  You are aware that without You I will perish and so You keep me firmly at Your side.  Your right hand holds me fast.  I am happy because I know that You love me and will not let death lay hold of me.  I belong to You. 

Matthew 5:1-2

My Lord and my God, as a member of Your Body I am one with You and one with all who believe in You.  We share in Your divine life.  Love unites You to the Father and that same love which makes us one with You, unites us to the Father as well, through the Holy Spirit.  You show me by word and example how one who calls God Father must live before God and man.

All I have comes from You.  I depend on You for every breath I breathe on earth and Your breath will be my breath eternally in heaven.

The world is a valley of tears but You wipe aways our tears and console us with the sweetness of Your love.

In a world that praises the strong and the powerful and despises those that are gentle and patient, You assure us that in the end they will be victorious with the victory that You have won for Your own..

You are the only just Judge who rules fairly with mercy and compassion.  If I am merciful, kind and forgiving then I can expect that You will deal with me in like manner.

The slavery to sin, the world and the flesh destroy but a childlike spirit will draw me close to You and will keep me in Your divine Presence.

All those who strive to be peacemakers in a world torn by division, violence and strife will be counted as children of the Father who is the Author of Peace.

You reveal to us that in this world all those who are Your witnesses  can expect persecution.  The enemies of Truth will do to us what they did to You and when that happens You ask us to rejoice for being thought worthy to suffer for Your Name and because we are Yours.

Our reward comes from You - joy forever, sharing in Your inheritance as members of Your Body.

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