Monday, June 16, 2014

1 Kings 21:1-16, Psalm 5:2-7, Matthew 5:38-42


1 Kings 21:1-16, Psalm 5:2-7, Matthew 5:38-42

1 Kings 21:1-16

The leaders of this age are as childish and petulant as King Ahab and so are its people.  We concern ourselves with the things of the world.  We are a covetous lot, we desire anything and everything, especially the things we cannot have.  There is no respect for what belongs to another - be it their spouse or goods.  The world is also full of people like Jezebel who aid, abet and encourage sin - who egg on, urge and provoke wrongdoing.

My beloved Jesus, help us to worry about all things eternal and to concern ourselves with Your Kingdom rather than wasting the time allotted to us here on useless pastimes.  The things of the world will perish and so will our souls if we are only concerned with the things of the flesh that will in time face death and decay.

Psalm 5:2-7

My Beloved, Your Word is clear.  You hear the cries of the righteous from morning to morning.  Your ear is pressed against the mouth of the innocent so You can hear every sigh.  Those who have placed their hope, trust, faith and confidence in You will never be disappointed.  

Our God is an avenging fire - He will destroy the wicked they will perish although  it appears that the wicked flourish though they sin with impunity against the innocent.  The day of wrath will come when God will use the might of His arm to restore justice and peace.

Matthew 5:38-42

My beloved Jesus, the practice of the virtue of humility is extremely difficult especially if we are faced with injustice.  The natural reaction is to retaliate and to point out that the other is to blame.  How hard it is for us to be silent in the face of our accusers.  But today You tell us that even when, as Your followers we are being humiliated, we must bear it in silence and with patience.

Peace is possible only when we offer peace in the face of violence and evil.

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