Thursday, June 12, 2014

1 Kings 18:41-46, Psalm 65:10-13, Matthew 5:20-26


1 Kings 18:41-46, Psalm 65:10-13, Matthew 5:20-26

1 Kings 18:41-46

Is anything impossible for You my Lord and my God?  You call all things into being.  You command the wind and the rain.  The waves in the oceans obey You.  All that is exists at Your good pleasure and to give You glory and praise.  You hear the prayers of Your people.  They call and You answer.  Nothing is impossible to the person of faith!

Psalm 65:10-13

My Beloved, Eternal Word of the Father, all was created at the utterance of God.  He spoke the Word and and the Spirit of God moved and created everything out of nothing.  You are faithful and compassionate.  You send the rain in due season and You cause life to flourish.  You watch over all.  All of nature, the birds in the air, the animals and the fish are Yours to command and Your providence watches over all. Just as You watch over nature and order the seasons, so too do You watch over Your people, the ones You have redeemed and sanctified only more tenderly.  You give us all we need and more here on earth and in heaven happiness with You forever. 

Matthew 5:20-26

My Beloved, it is not enough to fulfill the letter of the law, we must fulfill the spirit of it as well. Sometimes the lives of people in leadership may not be as it should. You ask us to do what they say; for it is Your law of love they preach and teach, even though their live lives  are a contradiction.  You tell us that our lives must surpass theirs in holiness and goodness, in charity and love.  We look to You and follow You who are our sure Guide and Teacher.  We cannot come before You and offer the sacrifice of our lives in union with Yours if our lives lack peace and are in discord with those around us.  Such a sacrifice is displeasing to You.

Give us a meek and humble heart.  A hand that is first to reach out in friendship, peace and reconciliation.  The first to ask pardon and seek forgiveness and restoration of broken relationships.  Only then will our offerings be pleasing and acceptable in Your sight.

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