Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Acts 8:1b-8, Psalm 66:1-3a, 4-7a, John 6:35-40


Acts 8:1b-8, Psalm 66:1-3a, 4-7a, John 6:35-40

Acts 8:1b-8

The first persecution against the Church began after the death of Stephen and Saul was one of its fiercest persecutors.  In every calamity God continues to be present and to draw out a greater good even from the greatest evil.  The early Christians scattered all over the area but they did not remain silent but they preached and taught the Good News which they carried with them.  Wherever they went they planted the first seeds of the Kingdom of God.

When Christ is preached, we pay close attention - we listen and we obey, God in turn will continue to work through His servants in the mighty power of His Holy Spirit poured upon us through His beloved Son.  Signs, wonders and miracles will continue to manifest the greatness of our loving and all powerful God and many will believe in the One whom the Father sent to redeem the world.

Psalm 66:1-3a, 4-7a

The power of the most High rules the heavens and the earth.  All that He created bows before Him and acknowledges that He is God.  Let all that is alive shout with joy, sing and make music proclaiming His praise for He is great and worthy of praise.  Let us not remain silent but like the early Christians tell of His wonderful deeds; how He reaches down and saves us.  Let us sing and make music as we honor and praise His glorious Name.  Great indeed is our God and great the works of His hand.

Praise the Lord now and forever - AMEN!

John 6:35-40

 My Beloved, the Father created us in love and He sent You into the world because He loves - this is the Good News that You came to proclaim even though we nailed You to a Cross.  Without You and the daily grace and strength You provide to nourish our souls, we perish by the wayside.

This is the promise You make and keep; You give Yourself to us as Bread so we may never hunger and thirst again.  The Father has given You all power so none may turn away from You and be lost.  The Way to the Father is to do His will and His will is that we believe that He sent You into the world so we can  be raised up with You when You come again.

We receive eternal life because we believe in the Good News.

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