Monday, May 5, 2014

Acts 6:8-15, Psalm 119:23-24, 26-27, 29-30, John 6:22-29


Acts 6:8-15, Psalm 119:23-24, 26-27, 29-30, John 6:22-29

Acts 6:8-15

My Beloved, if You are with us what does it matter if anyone is against us.  The Apostles and early martyrs knew this truth.  How clearly these verses speaking of St. Stephen, reveal this to us. 

Those who are with You, those who are baptized and grafted into Your Body, and are members of Your Church which is  Your Body, are filled with Your grace and Your power.  Just as You have promised we are able, through the power of Your Spirit, to do great wonders and perform miraculous signs.  The wisdom that those who belong to You receive is divine wisdom and they are invincible for they are always on the side of Truth.  No matter how great the evil that conspires against them they will remain victorious in the victory won by You for all on the Cross.

Psalm 119:23-24, 26-27, 29-30

The world has no power against those who trust You and walk in Your ways.  Your Word is Truth and those who walk in Truth find strength.  

My Beloved, just like Mama Mary, may I receive the grace to meditate on Your Word, to ponder on it night and day and find refreshment for my soul, body and spirit.

The way to the Kingdom is the Way of Truth, the Way of Truth leads to Life.
John 6:22-29

My Beloved, if we seek the Apostles and disciples we will find You in their midst, and where You and they are, there is the Church You founded - the Bark of Peter.

Those who seek the Truth with sincerity of heart will find You and when they do, they will discover the Bread of Life and the Cup of Salvation in the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church that You founded on the Rock.  Here they will discover the joy of embracing the whole Truth not just in part - the Truth that will lead to eternal life.

Beloved, You remind me today to labor for lasting food given by You just as the Father desired.  To the query, “What shall we do? What are the works that God wants us to do?” Your response is to have faith in You and believe that it was the love of the Father that sent You into the world to save us.

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