Tuesday, May 13, 2014

ACTS 11:19-26, PSALM 87:1B-7, JOHN 10:22-30


ACTS 11:19-26, PSALM 87:1B-7, JOHN 10:22-30

ACTS 11:19-26

My Beloved, wherever we fin ourselves for whatever reason we are called to carry with us the Good News of our salvation.  We must live it faithfully so that by the witness of our lives we will attract others too into desiring the faith and embracing it.

Fill me as You filled the first disciples with the Holy Spirit and with faith so I too in thought, word and deed may live out my faith joyfully in the world. Grant that I may use Your light  in me to dispel the darkness wherever I may be.

Thank You!

PSALM 87:1b-7

5 But of Zion it shall be said,
“More and more are being born in her.”
For the Most High himself has founded her.

This verse speaks of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church - of her it is said that, "More and more are being born in her." For it is in her that it pleases God to dwell in the fullness of Truth, Life and the Holy Spirit. She was born from His pierced side as Eve was created from the side of Adam. He has founded her and made her His dwelling place. Every Liturgy is a celebration of God's love for it has pleased the Father to make His Son the only means by which all are saved.

JOHN 10:22-30

My Beloved, anyone who knows the Truth but deliberately chooses to stay outside the Church fabricating excuses not to enter, will never know true peace and joy.  You have shown us by word and deed that You are indeed the Son of God who came into the world to redeem and save all who believe.  Many make a deliberate choice not to belong despite knowing that You are the Christ, the anointed of God whom He sent into the world to draw all men into the fullness of Truth and eternal joy.

Thank You my Beloved for calling me, thank You for being my Good Shepherd, thank You that I belong to our flock and that I recognize Your voice and follow You.  Thank You for Your assurance that no one has the power to snatch me from You.  I am Yours, irrevocably Yours.

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