Tuesday, February 4, 2014

2 Samuel 18:9-10, 14b, 24-25a, 30-19:3, Psalm 86:1-6, Mark 5:21-43


2 Samuel 18:9-10, 14b, 24-25a, 30-19:3, Psalm 86:1-6, Mark 5:21-43

2 Samuel 18:9-10, 14b, 24-25a, 30-19:3

My Beloved, David has a heart that is a reflection of the heart of God, he loves his son Absalom despite the fact that he took his father's throne and sought to kill him.  David longed for his son to return inspite of the fact that Absalom's hand was raised against him.  He never ceased longing for him.  At the news of his son's death David was grief stricken even though the threat to his life was removed and he mourned the death of his son just as God mourns the death of a soul that is lost forever.

Psalm 86:1-6

My Beloved, the reason I have complete faith, hope, trust and confidence in You and Your love for me is because I know You as a good, loving, forgiving, merciful God who longs for His children to come home.  The Lord is always ready to forgive, all we need to do is ask with a repentant and contrite heart and even though our sins are as scarlet, He will wash our soul whiter than snow.  I am replenished with His grace and strength in the Sacrament of Reconciliation enabling me to resist temptation and avoid sin.

I know that every time I call, You will answer, just as a child knows its mother will answer each time he calls.

Thank You my Beloved for the constancy of Your love.

Mark 5:21-43

In You, with You and through You my Lord, sickness, grief, sorrow and death do not have the last word.  You are the Resurrection and the Life and even though we die we will live in You and with You eternally. 



The road was hot and dusty,
They jostled her around,
She inched her way towards Him,
Almost crawling on the ground.

Her face was pale and sickly,
Her eyes were burning bright,
She’d heard the Master’s message,
His words brought hope and light.

She strained to touch the Savior
Under cover, as He spoke,
She knew she would be healed if only,
She could touch His cloak.

Twelve long years she’d suffered,,
Losing all her wealth,
The doctors could do nothing,
To bring her back to health.

She knew they called Him Master,
Teacher, Healer, Son of God,
With expectant faith and hope,
She came to meet the Lord.

There was a rush of feeling,
She felt infused with grace,
Instantly she felt released,
From death’s dark embrace.

“Who touched Me? I sensed power,
Going out from Me,”
She fell before the Master
And confessed her history.

“Your faith,” He said, “my daughter,
Has healed you, go in peace,”
In the Sacrament of Penance
We attain the same release.

Myra D’Souza / 20.05.2009

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