Monday, October 21, 2013

Romans 4:20-25, Luke 1:69-75, Luke 12:13-21


Romans 4:20-25, Luke 1:69-75, Luke 12:13-21

Romans 4:20-25

My Beloved, when I believe in Your Word in faith I render You praise and honor.  I glorify You.  By my faith in Your Word, I proclaim that You my Lord will keep Your promises for You are mighty in power.  When I believe as Scriptures says I must and as so many witnesses before me have testified, that You who are the Son of God became incarnate and was born of the Virgin Mary, You suffered, died was buried and rose again, that You alone have the power to save from sin and death and that You will come again in glory, I too am numbered among the righteous.

Luke 1:69-75

My Beloved, the only reason that the Father sent You into the world is because He loves us.  We had cut ourselves off from the life that He created us to have and enjoy and although we deserved to be destroyed for our disobedience, He nevertheless gave us a second chance.  We are saved from the enemy who seeks to murder and devour us because of the eternal covenant You made made with us and You will keep it.  Each time we enter the confessional and seek reconciliation with God and neighbor, we are given a second chance.  You heap graces upon us at every worthy reception of the sacraments so we can love You and serve You as we were created to do and You in turn sanctify us and justify us and make us Your own.

Luke 12:13-21

My Beloved, You remind us that no created thing can give life. The more I divest myself from the clutter in my life, the more I cease to be possessed by material things or by those I love, the more fully will I be able to give myself to You.

It is impossible to keep one eye on You and the other on the world I would be certain to fall if I did.  We take nothing but our love with us when our exile here on earth is over and then we will be judged by love alone - our love for You and for neighbor.  May I not be found wanting my Beloved.

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