Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Genesis 1:26---2:3, Psalm 90:2-4, 12-14 & 16, John 15:1-8


Genesis 1:26---2:3, Psalm 90:2-4, 12-14 & 16, John  15:1-8

Fill us at daybreak with your goodness, that we may be glad all our days.

Genesis 1:26---2:3

My Beloved, before You were incarnate of the Virgin Mary bearing the visible likeness of the invisible God, He created man in His image and gave him dominion over all that He had created in the sea, in the air and on the groundWhen we disobeyed Him He gave us a second chance.  He began over again, this time He sent You and because of Your obedience unto death even death on the Cross, He has raised You up and now every being in the heavens on the earth and under the earth bends the knee to You and acknowledges You as Lord.

Thank You Father for creation and for making us Your caretakers.  While You have given us dominion let us now forget that we are accountable to the Owner.

Thank You for work and thank You for rest on the 8th day, the Lord's Day, when we can recharge our spirits in order to work on the other seven days of the week.  Thank You Lord!

Psalm 90:2-4, 12-14 & 16

Father God, Creator of the universe, we can trust You as our Father and our Provider.  We are mortal, here today and gone tomorrow, less than a puff of wind.  Our years are but a blink of an eye in Your sight and yet You care for us more tenderly than any earthly father ever could.  

Thank You for the Holy Spirit through whose inspiration we can come to understand the love of God and His wisdom.  Thank You for Your Son who redeemed us and opened for us the gates of Heaven so we can spend our eternity with You.  

May we give You glory, honor, worship and praise from the break of dawn and until we sleep at the end of the day and even asleep may our spirit praise You.  May all our work be done for Your glory as we allow ourselves to be used as Your instruments to help establish Your Kingdom on earth.

John  15:1-8

My Beloved, each one of us is called to bear fruit that will last.  This is only possible if we remain one with You who are not only the Vine but also the Vine dresser.  Life brings with it many crosses, these You use to prune us in order to purify us and help us bear fruit even more abundantly.  We are called to be obedient, submissive and to yield lovingly to Your will only when we do this can we remain united to You and be all that the Father desires us to be.  He will then gladly give us all we ask in Your Name.  

You have said clearly that apart from You - I CAN DO NOTHING - help me never to forget it and go haring on my own without You. There is no merit in that.  There is only death without You. Keep me united to You even if being Yours means bearing a cross. With Your help and strength and borne by You in Your arms and carried on Your shoulders, I can endure anything. Keep me one with You always my Lord and my God!!!

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