Monday, April 29, 2013

Acts 14: 5-18, Psalm 115:1-4, 15-16, John 14:21-26


Acts 14: 5-18, Psalm 115:1-4, 15-16, John 14:21-26

Acts 14: 5-18

My Beloved, human beings are vain, emotional, fickle creatures that can be made to do anything when they are stirred by passion.  The mob mentality has been the cause of much violence resulting in death and destruction.  Those in power so often manipulate this tendency using the crowed to carry out their evil intentions by subtly controlling them and egging them on.  

You are always on the side of those who desire to do good and those who  have consecrated themselves to You.  Your mighty protection covers them and Your Holy Spirit is their Guide as we see so beautifully and powerfully demonstrated in the lives of Paul and Barnabas.

Wherever we go, we are called to continue to do the work You have apointed us to do.  St. Paul and Barnabas were passionate about spreading the Good News and they knew that faith makes all things possible as the crippled man also discovered that day.  So often our spirits and our minds are crippled by our fears, emotions and anxieties but You can always bring healing and freedom if we only have faith in You.

The people of Lycaonia said, "God has come to us in human likeness." This can only be said of You my Beloved.

Psalm 115:1-4, 15-16

How often my Beloved we try to steal the glory that rightfully belongs to You alone.  We do it stealthily attributing to ourselves the power and goodness that is solely Your own.  We are only Your instruments.  Heal us of this craftiness Lord and let us not fool ourselves or anyone else but acknowledge that all power comes from You.

May everything we say, pray and do be directed to You in praise and thanksgiving, giving You always the glory that is rightfully Your and which You so richly deserve from Your creatures.
John 14:21-26

The one proof, the one irrefutable proof that I love You is if I keep Your commandments in season and out of season, whether it is convenient or not.  Even when I am afraid and my heart is pounding inside me, I still do what You have commanded which is to love You with all that I am and to love my neighbor as my own self.  It isn't easy Beloved but then You never said it was.  The reward of keeping Your commandments is Your promise that You will reveal Yourself clearly to us and that we will be loved by the Father just as You lvoe us.  

My love for You or my lack of it is revealed by my willingness to keep Your Word.  If I do love You that I can be certain that You will make Your home in me.  Where You present are also present the Father and the Holy Spirit.  Thank You for the promise and the Gift of Your Holy Spirit who reveals the Truth to us and helps us in our weaknesses.

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