Thursday, March 7, 2013

Jeremiah 7:23-28, Ps 95:1-2, 6-9, Luke 11:14-23

20th Day in Lent
Let your love for Me serve as a guide which prompts every thought, word, and deed.  Be aware, pause before you act. Learn to discipline your mind and become its mistress rather than allow it to run away with you in all directions.
 Lord, I will neeed Your help! Help me!!!!

Isaiah 46:3b-4
I have cared for since you were conceived, and carried since you were born.  Even to your old age, I am he and I will sustain you even when your hair turns gray. It is I who have done this, and who bear the burdens, I will sustain and save you.

Jeremiah 7:23-28, Ps 95:1-2, 6-9, Luke 11:14-23

Jeremiah 7:23-28

There is nothing Jesus does not understand about the human experience.
My Beloved, You command that we listen to Your voice. In order to listen we must be quiet, we must remove all distractions and train our attention on You.  All of our senses must be still and we must be awake, alert, attuned to the sound of Your voice.  If we are familiar with it, we will recognize it and know that it is You.  Once we have heard You the next step is to obey al that You command only then can we call or consider ourselves Your people, the sheep of Your flock.

If I desire all to go well with me then I must allow You alone to direct my life. You send us messengers through Scripture, the Church and through Your people.  If we seek You we will find You if we seek with sincere hearts.  

Forgive us Lord, we have strayed far away from the Truth, the Way and the Life that You so generously pour out for us. Lord of Hosts bring us back and we will be saved.   

Ps 95:1-2, 6-9

I am sorry for my tears this morning. I will trust You and be joyful. I will sing glad praises to You my God for You are my Lord and I believe that I who am Your poor little nothing am privileged to have You carry me.  I am Your little silly sheep who is quite content to lie in Your arms or be placed across Your shoulder. I am content Lord and I will not allow anything to disturb my peace and confidence in Your love for me or mine for You.

I worship and adore You my Lord and m God.  I kneel before You and prostrate before You my Maker.  I thank You for Your goodness, love and protection.  Grant that I may always be attuned to Your voice and hearing obey. 

Luke 11:14-23 

Beloved, there are people in the world who will always ascribe evil motives to good deeds despite all the evidence to the contrary.  They prefer the lie because it provides them with an excuse to deny the power of good over evil.  How can anyone use evil means to bring about good? It is a no brainer. 

We live in a divided world with one side constantly pitted against the other, the haves against the have nots, the powerful against the weak, the expoiter and the exploited, the bully and the victim, the wicked and evil against the good and the true. 

Send Your Holy Spirit upon Your anointed in the Church Lord and grant us a Pontiff who will be a strong and wise leader to gujide Your Church as Your visible head inorder that You may save the Church ad the world.  Thank You! 

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