Friday, March 22, 2013

Jeremiah 20:10-13, Psalm 18:2-6, John 10:31-42

33rd Day in Lent
Do not tire of asking - be persistent in prayer. I want to give you all you need but I want you to pray without ceasing. Which father does not delight in being able to provide all the good things their children need? So ask and it will be given to you a full measure, pressed down and running over.
Abouna, (our Father) show me how to receive all that You desire to give me.

Isaiah 44:2-3, 5

 This is what Yahweh says –
he who made you and will help you,
he who formed you from the womb:
Fear not, O Jacob my servant,
Jeshurun, whom I have chosen.
For I will pour water upon the thirsty land
and streams on the dry ground.
I will pour my spirit upon your race
and my blessing upon your offspring.

“I belong to Yahweh”;
Jeremiah 20:10-13, Psalm 18:2-6, John 10:31-42

Jeremiah 20:10-13

The whole world may be against us but if God be for us no evil plot directed at us will succeed. God who is all powerful can turn the evil to triumphant victory as He did for You.  The powerful, the strong, the wicked, the jealous, the cowardly, plotted to take Your life and to silence You forever.  God used their evil to raise up for us a mighty Savior who would save us from the power of darkness and make us children of the Light. 

When You test us in order to strengthen our faith, may we trust You and praise You. All things work for the good of those who love You.  Thank You for rescuing us from the jaws of hell by the power of the Cross.
Psalm 18:2-6

My love surrounds you.
My breath sustains you.
My power saves you.
My Word delivers you.
I am the Rock and in its cleft you take shelter. No harm can come to you. No evil will touch you. I hear your cry, your sigh, I see your tears and I hasten to help you, comfort you and enfold you in the shelter of My wings. You are Mine!   

John 10:31-42

My Beloved, only those who ardently seek the truth can see. Faith comes from seeing, hearing and experiencing - but there are many who have shut themselves to God's work and God's power not only around them but in them as well.  We would rather stone each other to death on the things that divide us than desire to seek what unites.

No one had ever witnessed before any doing the works that You did, everything pointed to Your divinity and yet they refused to believe the evidence of the power of the miracles You performed.  They would rather remain narrow minded and quibble about words. It was the work that proved the Truth of the words.  

When we are full of ourselves and our opinions and ideas there is no room for God. Only the simple, with a child-like humility is open to receiving wisdom and knowledge of God and experiencing Him tangibly in their lives.

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