Thursday, March 14, 2013

Exodus 32:7-14, Psalm 106:19-23, John 5:31-47

26th Day in Lent
 Before the foundation of the world I knew you.  As the Spirit hovered over the void so did the same Spirit hover over you and you came to be.  He breathed the breath of life in you. The Breath of the Spirit is the breath you now breathe.  Be not afraid!!!
Exodus 31:18,
18 When Yahweh had finished speaking to Moses about all these things, he gave him the two slabs of the Statement, slabs of stone written with the finger of God.

 Exodus 32:16
 16 These slabs were the work of God and the writing graven on the slabs was the writing of God.
 Exodus 32:7-14, Psalm 106:19-23, John 5:31-47 

 Exodus 32:7-14

My Beloved, I believe that this reading today is meant for Your Bride the Church and for the world. We have corrupted ourselves and turned away from the Way of Life and Truth. You could have destroyed us in Your righteous and just anger for we are truly a stiff necked, arrogant and sinful people but instead, You plead for us night and day before Your Father in heaven and You turn away the heat of His anger against us. You change His mind. You have heard the prayers of Your people and in response to the sighs, cries and groans that we have raised up to You in faith, we now have Pope Francis, Your Vicar on earth who will walk in humility and lead Your Church back to You. Thank You!! 

Psalm 106:19-23

23 So he spoke of destroying them, but Moses, his chosen one, stood in the breach before him to shield them from destruction.
Moses stood in the breach then You our Savior stand in the breach now along with Your Vicar shielding Your Church from destruction. Thank You!!!
John 5:31-47   

 Verse 40

40 But you refuse to come to me, that you may live. 

My Beloved there are many members from within the Church who have refused to come to You for life, instead they have have come to believe a Gospel that is based on their own interpretation of Your Word.  They have left the sheltering arms of Holy Mother Church and have sought You were You cannot be found in Your fullness. 

We believe Lord that the Father sent You.  We believe that the works that You do bear witness that it is the Father who sent You to do this work in His Name.  The entire Scripture is alive with its witness of You and when we search them, we find You - the Son of God, the Light of the Nations, the Savior of the world.  We do believe Lord, grant us a deeper, greater, stronger and enduring faith.

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