Monday, February 25, 2013

Daniel 9:4b-10, Psalm 79:8, 9, 11 & 13, Luke 6:36-38

 Sirach 6:37
37 Meditate on the precepts of the Lord and apply yourself unceasingly to his commandments. He will strengthen your heart and the wisdom you desire will be given to you.


Daniel 9:4b-10, Psalm 79:8, 9, 11 & 13, Luke 6:36-38

Daniel 9:4b-10

Beloved Jesus, be merciful to Your Church and to the people You have redeemed by Your Blood. Evil has spread its cancerous roots deep and seems to have taken over. Death and decay seem everywhere. We have sinned and deserve Your punishment. But if You turn Your Face from us, we will surely be lost forever. Do not forget that You have saved us. You have borne our punishment and our shame and by Your stripes we are healed. Draw Your Church, its leaders and its people back to You. Sanctify her with a fresh outpouring of Your Holy Spirit and restore her to strength once more.

Psalm 79:8, 9, 11 & 13

Forgive our sins Lord and remove our guilt. In Your mercy and compassion have pity and save us. Come quickly Lord for we are beset by trials on every side and the world weighs heavily upon us. Make haste O Lord and come to our aid before we are lost forever, before we become a laughing stock to the world. We know we have sinned and broken Your law of love. Forgive us Lord. Give us a broken hea" Name="Light Shading Accent 3then us in the time of our desolation. Let the world see what a great and glorious God we love, worship, adore and serve and let them know that we have a God who fights for us and loves us.
Luke 6:36-38

If we are merciful, You will show mercy to us. If we are kind, kindness will be ours. If we are not so quick to judge but rather if we understand that we are all frail and weak, we will be judged less severely. If we are quick to forgive any and all hurts, then You too will hasten to forgive us. If we are generous like You who are a Generous Giver and are ready to share what we have without fear, worry and anxiety that there will be less for ourselves, if we do not store for the future while another goes in want, You will be extravagantly generous with us and You will give us back a full measure, pressed down, full and running over for You my Beloved can never be outdone in generosity.

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