Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Jeremiah 23:5-8, Psalm 72:1-2, 12-13, 18-19, Mark 1:18-24


My Beloved, in the fullness of time the Father sent You His only Son to bring into the world all that it has lacked ever since the fall of our first parents.  With You as the new Adam and Your Ma as the new Eve God set in motion a new era in our salvation.  The Old Testament spoke about it, the New Testament reveals how we can receive the great gifts of peace, love, joy hope and faith that You give and how we in turn can give them to others.  We are called to make real in the world what is already present in our hearts, Your reign of peace.  Help us Lord to be true disciples and witnesses so we can hasten Your coming.

You love the meek and humble because they know who they are.  They are those who know that without You they are nothing and can do nothing.  God battles on behalf of those who are aware that they are nothing but a puff of air.  Should God take away His Breath they die.  They lean on Him and depend on Him for their sustenance both spiritual and material.

Beloved, I pray for the day and may it come quickly, when the whole world from sea to sea and from the rising of the sun to its setting all peoples of all nations and language will offer You all praise, glory and honor for it is fitting that all creation acknowledges Your glory, majesty and Kingship.

My Beloved, almost everything we will ever know about St. Joseph are mentioned in these few verses.  Here we get a snapshot of his character, the man Your Father chose to be Your foster daddy, to bear his name and lineage.  He was entrusted with the awesome role of protector, guardian and provider to His daughter Mary  the most chaste spouse of the Holy Spirit and to You His Only Son. 

In a few short lines, the most awesome mystery of God becoming Man is revealed.  From the moment of Your conception You were at risk if St. Joseph did what his conscience prompted him was the right thing to do which was to put aside both Mother and Child.  He was aware that both risked death for she had conceived a child that was not her husband’s.

Like Mary, Joseph too pondered and waited on God – he was not disappointed.  We too my Beloved must wait on God to reveal to us what is His will for our lives when it comes to the important issues.  Once we know what God desires from us, like St. Joseph, we must embrace it and act on it promptly, accept it totally and be joyful as we execute it.  Great things will happen when we do.  Like Joseph we will witness God at work up close and very, very personally.

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