Thursday, December 20, 2012

Isaiah 7:10-14, Psalm 24:1-6, Luke 1:26-38

“---- Mine, trust me to provide all that you need.  Nothing is too small or big in My sight.  You belong to Me, I will provide all that you need always.”  Thank You my Beloved.


We need signs they provide directions.  The point to something.  They tell us something.  In fact my Beloved, throughout Your life and even now, You give us signs so we know in Whom we believe and towards Whom we journey.  In fact we all need signs.  They help us to make decisions and use right judgment.  If we reject them we are liable to head over the cliff to our destruction.

Thankfully Isaiah did prophecy the great sign that God would walk with us as one of us – Incarnate, clothed in the flesh that You received from Your Mother and that though sinless, You would truly understand our weak, tainted, fallen, sinful human condition.  As true God and true man You are the only righteous Judge that is why the Father has entrusted all judgment to You alone.  Thank You Beloved for being ‘God with us,’ always.

Verse 3 Who will ascend the mountain of the Lord, who will stand in His holy place?

The ones who walk with You closely, who belong to the inner circle like Peter, James and John are the ones my Beloved, who will ascend the mountain and stand in the holy place.  Once You choose us and call us we are free to either accept or reject the invitation.  You want us all to desire to be so close to You that we can see You, touch You, taste you and be absorbed wholly by you.  How is this possible Beloved?  Verse 4 tells us how this is possible,  verse 5 tells us what those who hunger and thirst for You receive and as verse 6 sums up what those who love Your desire – I want to be counted among those who seek You and seek Your Face always.

A profile of Mary the Mother of God and our Mother.


– Virgin

 Betrothed to Joseph of the family of the Royal line of David.

-  Received a visitation from the Archangel Gabriel God’s Messenger.

-  Recognized and pronounced that God had given her the singular gift of   being full of His grace through His abiding Presence in her heart, mind  and soul.

Young though she was, she was wise.  The Angel’s greeting was so great and full of such lofty praise that she wondered how it could possibly apply to her. 

-The Angel reassures her that all that is done for her is through the bountiful extravagance and goodness of God.  He does it all.  The choosing and the equipping to carry out His mission and His plan.  He then reveals this plan to her in words that every Christian has etched on their minds and hearts or should be, because we are the reason for God’s beneficence and munificence to Mary.  God’s rule over us is a rule of perfect sacrificial love that saves all of God’s children including His Mama.

Mary shows us her children what our response to God’s call must always be.  Once she understood what it was that God was asking her, she did not question God’s ability to do what the Angel said He would rather all she asked was how it would be executed since she was a virgin.  Asking legitimate questions is good as long as we do not doubt what God can do.

-The Angel tells her that the extraordinary things that the Father and the Holy Spirit do together with the surrender, yielding and obedience of His Son and His daughter God would become incarnate.  Her womb would become the dwelling place of God.

-May Mary’s response in verse 38 be ours too always, “I am the hand­maid of the Lord, let it be done to me as you have said.”

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