Friday, December 21, 2012

Song of Songs 2:8-14, Psalm 33:2-3, 20-21, Luke 1:39-45

Daily Holy Mass Readings:

My God, my Love, my Beloved, my All, You constantly woo me.  You follow me.  You call me, You stand behind the barriers and walls of sin that I erect between us and You speak to me. You look for ways to penetrate through the hardness of my heart and You speak to me words of infinite tenderness and encouragement. You let me experience the constancy of Your abiding love.  When I permit You to enter, my own true God, my Life, You captivate me as You draw me into the ecstasy of knowing You and responding to Your love.

The days of sadness, bitterness and darkness are at an end once I give myself over to You.  The world is beautiful again seen through the eyes of the love of the Creator, the Word, through which everything came to be.  In You there is gladness, joy, mirth, delight, laughter, smiles, kindness, gentleness, singing an dancing and sometimes happy tears because You love so extravagantly.  In my response to such a grand love I begin  to flourish, blossom, flower and bear fruit which is eternal, fresh and new.

Now that I have responded whole heartedly to Your invitation to belong completely to You alone, You take me by the hand, Your Spirit unites with mine, Your heart engulfs mine and they beat as one in the most beautiful of unions in Holy Communion.  In that secret place hidden from the view of the world, You tell me how much You delight in me and my love for You.  You encourage me and You make the sweetest, most tender promises that You will remain with me always.

Thank You my Beloved, my Lord and my God.

May my life be a constant hymn of praise to You.  Awake or asleep may I rejoice in Your goodness and mercy.  You are faithful in all You do and You can be trusted to be true to every one of Your promises.  Those who belong to You, Your inheritance; are truly blessed. 

The Lord Is our hope, our help, our shield and our deliverer.  Our God can be trusted always.  In a world that is fickle and faithless, God alone is our Rock.  In Him we stand firm forever.

Mama dearest thank you for being my faithful Mama ever since I was thirteen and lost my own mother.  I remember where I was when I made that impassioned plea to you to be my mother since God had taken mine to Himself and you have been true.  How often I would have lost my immortal soul had you not interceded for me with your Son. 

You have always come in haste along with Jesus whenever I called and even when I didn’t.  You enfolded me in your mantle and pressed me close to your heart when I needed comfort.  You wiped away my tears and you revealed your Son to me.  You are most blessed among all women most highly favored Mother full of grace.  I echo Elizabeth’s greeting.  The Mother of my Lord has always come to me as she does to all her children.  Thank you for believing and thank you for saying Yes to God.

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