Thursday, December 13, 2012

Isaiah 41:12-20, Psalm 145:1, 9-13 ab, Matthew 11:11-15

Set free by You my Beloved, I walk in the freedom of the Children of God.  Children who have God as their Father, You as their Spouse and Brother and the Holy Spirit as Guid, Comforter and Friend.


Isaiah 41:12-20, Psalm 145:1, 9-13 ab, Matthew 11:11-15

 Isaiah 41:12-20
Here I am Lord, You invite me to place my hand in Yours in perfect confidence. You are my hope and my help. You know how frail I am and how easily I am crushed in spirit. I need to be implanted in You so I receive a constant supply of Your help and strength. You assure me that You hear my cries for help and will never abandon me. You will take me up to the holy mountain and there You will refresh me and quench my thirst. Over my barren spirit You will make rivers of abundance flow. You will make me fruitful and You will feed me. You will cause me to have an abundance of every good thing because You love me.

Psalm 145:1, 9-13 ab
 As long as I live my Beloved, until the last breath I draw I will praise, glorify and exalt You.  

We are Yours and we will tell of  Your goodness and witness to Your mercy and power by our life. All glory and honor will begiven to You for the marvels that You do in us and for us.

Matthew 11:11-15
My Beloved for over 2000 years the Church has listened to You attentively.  She has pondered on every Word and action in the living legacy You left behind in the witness and testimony of Your Apostles.  It is those who have given up the world in order to be fully possessed by You and have pressed their ear to Your Mouth who have received the wisdom that comes from the Heart of God who became Incarnate of the Virgin Mary and became Man.

The Church has produced towering giants in the faith from every walk of life - the rich, the poor, the wise and the unlearned.  All You need is a willing, yielding spirit and a heart filled with love.  With these You can do anything.

Here I am Lord, I come to do Your will.

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