Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Isaiah 40:25-31, Psalm 103:1-4, 8 & 10, Matthew 11:28-30


Isaiah 40:25-31, Psalm 103:1-4, 8 & 10, Matthew 11:28-30

You are my Beloved and I am Your little nothing.  You are God and I am Your creature.  You are eternal and although my body will return to dust, my soul is eternal and belongs to You.  You uphold all with Your Word and You have Your watchful gaze on me.  Nothing about me is of too insignificant a concern for You.  You are intently interested and involved in every breath I take.

When I have no strength of my own, You carry me.  You renew my hope each day.  I am replenished, invigorated, strengthened and filled with grace during my quiet time alone with You, before You in the Blessed Sacrament and when I receive You each day in the Holy Eucharist.

You bless me abundantly and I am favored by my God and King.

The Psalmist affirms everything I believe and does is to much better than I ever could.

Place Your yoke upon me and place me where I can experience Your Presence beside me, where I can fix my gaze on You and be refreshed, replenished and renewed.

No matter what happens to me I know that You are in control and nothing about me or my life is outside Your influence or rule.


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