Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Isaiah 25:6-10a, Psalm 23:1-6, Matthew 15:29-37


My Beloved, You will not let Your people go hungry or in want.  When we approach You on Your holy mountain, the place where You dwell in glory, holiness, majesty and splendor.  You will come to us and hear us. You will touch us and heal us. You willl fill our mouth with good things and You will cheer our heart with the wine of joy.  Clear wine, pure joy with nothing in it to spoil its taste.  You have destroyed death on Your holy mountain.  You have destroyed the power of sin and its deadly, dulling effect on the soul.  You have wiped away our tears.  You have heard our cries and in Your compassion, You have heard and answered us and healed each one of our wounds.  Thank You.

My Beloved, You are my Shepherd - if I am Yours then I need nothing.  Because I belong to You, You will see to all my needs and give me all I require,  You will give me rest in You, peace in You, joy in You, comfort in You.  You will restore me to perfect health in heart, body, mind and soul.  You  have given me Your Own Holy Spirit as my Teacher and my Guide who will prevent me from placing my feet in places not pleasing to You.  You will do this because I bear Your Name which tells everyone that I am under Your Lordship and protection.

I walk in the freedom of a child of God.  I have been ransomed.  You paid the price for my freedom and I lift up my head and walk with the confidence of a child of God, co-heir with You to the Kingdom o fheaven.

I feast each day at the Banquet of the Holy Eucharist in the company of my brothers and sisters.  You anoint me and You make me holy.  You pour out Your blessings on me and they overflow and run down like the oil that ran down Aaron's beard.  Because I choose to walk with You I will tatse Your goodness and kindness all the days of my life.

My Beloved, when we ascend to You in prayer, we do not come alone but we bring with us our brothers and sisters who are hurting, who are sick and who are in need of Your healing touch.  We bring all those who are spiritually blind, deaf, lame, dumb.  We carry those who are too weak to make it on their own and we plead with You and intercede on their behalf to heal them and restore them to perfect health both spiritually and physically.

You turn no one away.  You are moved to pity and You touch us all.  No one goes away empty.  All are healed in every way although perhpas not in the way we may have looked for or desired but much better because it is Your way of healing. touching and restoring.

When we walk with you faithfully, You will not abandon us to go home alone but You will give us food for the journey.  You will take the little we have to give You and perform mighty miracles.

I love You Lord!

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