Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Isaiah 11:1-10, Psalm 72:12-13 & 17, Luke 10:21-24


My Beloved,there was once a tree that grew tall, splendid and stately but its branches withered and it died so it was cut down leaving only a stump. Everything was then set for a new beginning. The tree had put down roots deep into the source of life and continued to possess life giving sap. 

In time a tiny little green shoot appeared. New Life, New Hope, a New Beginning. God began anew with a New Name, a New Adam. One who is God is made Man. Filled with the power and Spirit of God. He is God and He makes God visible to us clothed in Flesh. We see Him, touch Him and Know Him. He opens our eyes to Truth, Goodness, Beauty and Love and teaches us things we have not heard of before. His reign is an everlasting reign. He has destroyed death, evil and sin and He brings peace to the world for He is the Prince of Peace.

Verse 10
10 On that day the “Root of Jesse” will be raised as a signal for the nations. The people will come in search of him, thus making his dwelling place glorious.

Where is God's dwelling place? It was first in the womb of Mary, now it is in the heart of the baptized and in its fullness in His Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church as her Head.

This Psalm is a prayer of longing for You my Beloved.  You are all that the heart and soul of man has longed for ever since he was created and even more so when he fell from grace.  Man desires all that You are in Your fullness, justice, righteousness, compassion, sovereignty.  You are our Deliverer, our Rescuer.  Your Name is Forever, Everlasting. All nations will call You Blessed.

The proud, the haughty, the disdainful - these are loathsome in Your sight.  But You look with favor and compassion on the humble, the simple, those who know their poverty without You and their plenty with You.  Apart from You they know they are not only nothing but can do nothing.  It is Your little ones to whom You reveal the marvels of Truth and the knowledge of God for they are receptive, they listen and they are grateful because they know what You have done for them.  They stay close to You for You not only reveal Yourself to them but You also show them the Father.  Before You came into the world, the people in past ages longed to see You and know You.  We are truly a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people set apart for Your glory for we belong to You.  Thank You.

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