Friday, December 7, 2012

Isaiah 29:17-24, Psalm 27:1-4, 13-14, Matthew 9:27-31


My Beloved what hope we can derive from these verses.  You knew from eternity to what depths the crown of God's creation would sink and looking at the world today it would seem that we can sink no further.  Yet man continues to surprise by the levels to which he can lower himself and to the awesome heights to which he can rise.

I cling to Your promises today.  We are Your redeemed and sanctified by a price that only A God of Love would consider worth it.  We are precious in God's sight.  I shall not be too disheartened at the
world but I will continue to pray with joyful hope as I set my vision on the promise that some day the just will be rewarded and the pawns of Satan will be no more.

The Light of the world and the Incarnate Word will heal and restore God's people to the inheritance for which we were created.

My Beloved, the Psalmist has experienced the loving care and concern of God in a myriad ways.  I have too.  You are my Light, my Salvation, my Defense, my Fortress.  Because You are with me I walk unafraid.  My hope and my certainty in Your loving kindness, compassion and mercy assure me that I will experience all the good life has to offer me here in this present life. It is because I trust in You and in Your love, I am strong and no longer as fearful and timid as I once used to be. I have learned to place all my hope and trust in You my God.

My Beloved, the world is full of people who are spiritually blind, but the tragedy is not that they are blind, but that they do not know it.  We can be cured only when we acknowledge that we are sick and in need of healing.

In this Gospel passage, the two blind men were aware of their blindness, they desired to be healed and they know who could heal them.  They did not stop there.  They looked forYou and caught up with You.  They made their need known to You. They asked for help.  You in turn desired them to acknowledge that they indeed did believe You could do for them what they desired.  You rewarded them by granting them their sight just as they believed You could.  

In the measure that we have faith in like measure we will be rewarded.  What is the measure of faith?  A faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains.  Even a faith as small as this has the most incredible power.  

When we witness to the marvels You have done for us we must remember to tell it like it is and give You all the glory and honor so all may believe and come to the knowledge of Truth.

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