Monday, December 24, 2012

2 Samuel 7:1-5, 8b-12, 14a, 16, Psalm 89:2-5, 27 & 29, Luke 1:67-79


My Beloved David was chosen by God to be a great king.  He was just a shepherd boy looking after his father’s sheep and guarded and protected them from wild animals at the of his own life.  He was a  generous and courageous young man who had a great love for God and he was a foreshadow of the King of Kings whom God has chosen and appointed to rule over all nations.  King David wanted to build a dwelling place fit for you but it was his son Solomon who would be entrusted with this work. 

Your first dwelling place on earth was the womb of Mary.  The Arc of the Covenant in the Old Testament was adorned and made according to specifications given by God Himself.  The New Arc of the Covenant was adorned and fashioned by the Father and the Holy Spirit in order that it would be a dwelling fit for the King and Lord of all creation.

Beloved at every Eucharist I too become the arc of the covenant.  Adorn my soul with rich graces so that at each Eucharist I may image and reflect You more and more each day.


Thank You Father for the Covenant You formed with the people of Israel.  Thank You for Mary whom You fashioned as no creature has been or will ever be.  She was singularly blessed and chosen to the Mother of our Savior.  Thank You for the new covenant that Jesus has made with those who believe that You so loved the world that You sent  Your son into the world to be the means by which all who receive Him will be saved.


My Beloved, St. John the Baptist too was chosen by God to point the way back to the Kingdom.  He knew what his mission was and he was faithful to it.  He stole none of the gory but prepared the way for You whom he knew was greater that he was.  He acknowledged in great humility that he was unfit to loosen the thongs from Your sandals.  It was given to his Zachariah also to know the purpose for which his son was created as the canticle of prophecy and praise that he sang once his speech was restored.

STAY WITH ME LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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