Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Revelations 14:14-19, Psalm 96:10-13, Luke 21:5-11

"Send me Lord and I will go, call me and I will come, command me and I will obey; but first my Beloved fill me with Your grace, Your power and Your most Holy Spirit."

"---- Mine, believe that I have filled you with My Holy Spirit. I have equipped you with My gifts and I have trained you for spiritual warfare.  Go forth boldly in My Name armed with the Truth which is the double edged sword of My Word and believe that all you have asked for in faith has been granted to You by My Father in heaven."

Thank You Lord!



Are you saying my Lord that when the time is right and the harvest is ready You will come in the power of God as the Righteous Judge along with the angels to reap the harvest?  Is the harvest to be destroyed in the winepress of God's anger because there were insufficient laborers to work in Your vineyard and ensure that the fruit was good. Is it all bad fruit Lord and will all be rejected because we were indifferent to the spiritual well being of our brothers and sisters?  Here I am Lord use me, equip me with the gifts of Your Holy Spirit and send me.  I know that I will be like a lamb among wolves so I will need Your mighty protection. Please stay with me and walk with me every step of the way.

My Beloved, when You come again in glory we can sing shout and dance in exultation only if the world recovers its sanity and returns to the path of righteousness.  If we don't however, it will be a time of terror.  If You do not find any faith when you return many more will be lost eternally.  This is not the time to be bashful, You have need of those who are willing to be sent.  You have trained me and equipped me NOW USE ME.

Every man made edifice will either be torn down or will crumble with time.  You came to bring salvation to the nations.  There is no other way for people to be saved apart from You so every institution that is not based on the solid foundation of the Rock and does not have You as the Cornerstone of the Church in which we gather to worship will topple .  

Unless I am prepared to be a faithful witness false prophets will continue to prey upon and devour the ignorant.  We are living in dangerous and troubled times.  Walk with me my Lord and keep me on the side of Truth.  May I be imbued with Truth and so be guided by it in all I say, think and do.  Amen.

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