Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Revelations 15:1-4, Psalm 98:1-3, 7-9, Luke 21:2-19


---- Mine, you belong to Me.  I have anointed you as you have asked.  I have prayed for you.  I have interceded for you before My Father and I have given you all that your heart desires.  Go therefore and preach My Word boldly for I am with You.

My Beloved, touch my mind and grant me wisdom and knowledge.  Touch my ears and grant me understanding.  Touch my lips and grant me Counsel.  Touch my arms and grant me fortitude.  Touch my hands and grant me holiness so my hands may always be raised up to You in praise and adoration.  Touch my entire being that I may have a holy fear, reverence and love for You all the days of my life.  Thank You!

In the end sin will be destroyed as will death and Your reign will be upon us, an everlasting reign and we will sing the song of Moses and the Song of the Lamb eternally.
Great and marvelous are your works,
O Lord,
God and Master of the universe.
Justice and truth guide your steps,
O King of the nations.
Lord, who will not give honor and glory to your Name?
For you alone are holy.
All the nations will come and bow before you,
for they have now seen your judgments.

You have won the victory my Beloved and we are truly free in You to be all that the Father desires us to be though the merits You have won for us by Your passion, death and resurrection. Thank You for redeeming us all from the greatest to the least.  A day will come my Beloved and it is almost here when the whole world will sing Your praises and give You the glory, honor and worship that You deserve.  Nature will join in our hymns of of praise and worship rejoicing that the crown of Your creation has finally fallen down on our knees and acknowledged Your Lordship to the glory of God the father and the Spirit.  We await with joy Your coming and Your judgment my Lord.

Luke 21:2-19

My Beloved, just like the early Christians who were persecuted for Your Name's sake so too must we expect rejection and persecution because evil although crushed is in its last throes.  The devil desires to take as many to damnation and perdition as he possible can in the last days.  This is not the time to be bashful my Lord but to go out boldly like all who have gone before us and laid down their lives for You and for the sake of the Gospel.  I have Your Word, Your assurance that although I will meet opposition even from those closest to me, I need not be afraid for You are with me.  Your rod and Your staff comfort me and You walk beside me.  Your mighty protection will keep me safe from the clutches of the devourer.  Thank You.

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