Thursday, November 1, 2012

Revelations 7:2-4, 9-14, 1 John 3:1-3, Psalm 25:1-6, Matthew 5:1-12


My Beloved, we know how terrifyingly frightful nature can be - the wind can sweep away everything in its path, the earth can open and swallow whole villages, the mountain can disintegrate in pools of mud and bury everything in the valleys and plain and the oceans can rise up in fury like a gigantic monster and rush into the cities taking in its wake all that lies in its path.  So You ask the angel to stay his hand and hold nature in check under Your command until all who belong to You, all those who are sealed and sanctified in Your most precious blood are identified as belonging to You.

All men in all times and all places are given an opportunity to hear You and make a choice on the side of Truth.  I have an awesome mission,it is a mission You have entrusted to all Your people that we spread the Gospel to all nations tirelessly that there may be a multitude who are saved.  I am responsible for bringing those within the circle of my influence to the knowledge of the Truth that makes its abode in You.

What joy there will be in heaven when we all worship and praise God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit for all eternity.  Alleluia Amen!!!

Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.  Today purity has become an old fashioned virtue and has been relegated to posterity.  The world is merciless and little children now being preyed upon by the culture of the day are younger and younger.  It will not be much longer when nothing is considered taboo, sacred or off limits anymore.  Yet purity by its very nature cannot be smirched and sullied, it will always emerge untouched, untarnished and gloriously beautiful  because purity is an attribute of God so purity will never be vanquished.  The pure in heart will shame us into accepting the Truth and will enable us to live once again pure and holy lives joyfully.

My Beloved, every morning grace draws me to Your feet and there I stay listening to You, absorbing Your Word.  I lift my entire being to You in prayer and You in Your goodness and mercy come to me and fill me with Your grace, peace and Holy Presence.  You pour upon me the sweetness of Your Holy Spirit who guides my steps in the way of truth, goodness, holiness and beauty.  Your Word is a light to my heart and a lamp to my feet and I will never go astray because You are my God and I am Your little nothing who has need of You.  If You let me go I will be lost.  I need You, You know I need You and so You will keep me safe in Your unfailing, never ending love.  Thank You!

My Beloved, God created us in order that we may someday spend eternity in His glorious Presence in joy and gladness but we have to get there first.  We do not grope in the dark though, You have given us a blueprint, a map that will take us there and not only that You  lived the beatitudes when You lived here on earth as a Man like us.  We are not alone, we put our footsteps in Yours and You will take us home just as You have done for the multitudes who have gone before us and who have lived the beatitudes with the help of grace without compromise.  The way to heaven is the Way of the Cross - there is no other way.  Satan would have us believe otherwise but there simply is no other way.

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