Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ephesians 6:1-9, Psalm 145:10-14, Luke 13:22-30


---- Mine, trust Me!

My Beloved, if we truly wanted a stress free life all we need do is take Scripture at its word. It is Your Word.  It is You and You are the Way, the Truth and You are Life.

Obeying, honoring and serving in humility in perfect imitation of You will enable us to live lives that are at peace with God and with the world despite anything that we may be called to face.  With God and in God, all things are possible. 

Everything that You do in our lives is cause for praise.  We may not always feel like it and praising can be really difficult in trying circumstances, but if we do it anyway, we will find You in the centre of the storm.  

In the eye of the storm where You are present, all is calm and we will not be wrecked if we remain in peace with You. We can trust You in all circumstances without exception.  Thank You.

My Beloved, You preached tirelessly.  You walked from village to village and from town to town.  There was an urgency to announce the Good News to all so everyone would have an opportunity to hear Your invitation, accept and embrace it.

We too have been handed the same mission.  Grant us the same zeal.  You have made it clear that the way is narrow and rough and few choose to enter it, but if we are passionate about the Good News, if we are passionate about the Person who is the Good News then with the aid of the Holy Spirit we will be able witnesses.  All we need to do speak of all that God has made possible in our lives perhaps through our testimony they will be attracted and will desire to know You as we do, as a personal Lord, God and Savior.  Our goal and purpose is to bring with us as many brothers and sisters as we can to the Kingdom and there to celebrate God eternally.

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