Monday, November 19, 2012

Revelations 1:1-4, 2:1-5, Psalm 1:1-4 & 6, Luke 18:35-43

"---- Mine, be aware of Me today.  Stay connected to Me.  Let everything you say and do be influenced by this awareness that you are grafted on to Me and that My Life flows through you.  be Mine!  Believe in faith that all you have asked of Me you have received and believing exercise the gifts that you are given."

Thank You my Beloved.


Rev 2:4, "You have lost your first love."  

The initial fervor which we had when we first came to believe has dwindled over a period of time and we may just seem to be going through the motions out of habit.  Stir once again the power of the Spirit which we received at Baptism and which was strengthened in us in Confirmation.  Nothing is lost.  Beloved, help us to come alive again so we become once a people who are inflamed with the divine fire of love kindled by the Holy Spirit.

Find Your delight in Me, in My Word and in My Law of Love.  Meditate on the greatest commandment I have given you and let it rule your life and influence every area of your being.  You will be like a fruitful tree bearing fruit in all seasons.  Remember I am always watching over those I love and I will keep them safe from the fowler's net and the hunter's snare.

Jericho is in the valley it is the place where sinners congregate and where sin is rampant.  Jerusalem on the other hand is situated on a hill. It is the City of God and the place where God dwells in His holy Temple.

You my Beloved are on Your way to Jerusalem and along with You are Your disciples, followers and the crowds who accompany for reasons that only they are aware of.  Some of those in the crowd will stay all the way, others for as long as it suits them and then they will return to their homes carrying with them the grace received after their encounter with You.

This Gospel passage speaks of a man who is not only blind but is a beggar as well.  He represents all sinners who are spiritually blind and impoverished.  Yet, there is an awareness of emptiness an awareness of spiritual poverty and they realize that life has a great deal more to offer than what they have experienced thus far  The sinner places himself in a situation where it is possible to meet You and beg for healing, forgiveness and restoration of all that is lost; that place is on our knees in the confessional.  It is here that we can still all other voices that keep us from hearing Your Voice.  

Those who prefer to keep company with sin and evil will do all in their power to keep us from returning home.  But all You need is a sincere desire and You will readily forgive and restore to grace.  All we need do is cry out and You will hear that cry even if it cried out in the silence of our hearts.  You will ask us to approach You and when we draw near we will hear Your voice speaking with inexpressible tenderness and love.  What do You want me to do for you and when we ask that our sight be restored, You will say, "Receive your sight, your faith has saved you."  And we will receive much more than we expected or asked for.  Complete restoration to the family of God together with all rights and claims to God as our loving Father, with You as our Brother.  Thank Your Lord.

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