Friday, November 23, 2012

Revelations 10:8-11, Psalm 119:14, 24, 72, 103, 111, 131, Luke 10:45-48


Psalm 119:101 I turn my feet from evil paths that I may keep step with Your Word.

Revelations 10:8-11, Psalm 119:14, 24, 72, 103, 111, 131, Luke 10:45-48

Revelations 10:8-11

My Beloved we live in the realm of the flesh and we have become tired and insensate.  We have become crude and thick.  Our spirits are as heavy as lead and it is unable to raise itself for we are devoid of grace.  Our ears are deafened because we have deliberately filled it with noise in order to drown out the still, small voice of the Holy Spirit.We are unhappy but we act lie we are delirious with joy as we try to stir up our dead senses with sins that are more outrageous than the other.

For those of us who are willing to hear Your call, You fill us with the sweetness of Yourself in Your Word.  We experience its glory, its power, its majesty, its ability to enable us soar like an eagle to the highest heavens.  We are overwhelmed with the Beauty, Truth, Majesty and power of Your most Holy Word.  We ought not to hide the Gift we have received of Yourself selfishly.  You call us to mission.  To go out and speak this Word boldly to many people, nations and kings.  It is then we will realise how bitterly opposed the world is to You - so opposed that they will do everything to stop us from preaching and teaching the Word,the only Word that has power to save.

Psalm 119:14, 24, 72, 103, 111, 131,

Father God, what more could Your children desire than the ultimate Gift that You have given us - the ETERNAL WORD, the Word that reposed in Your bosom, the Word whose utterance brought forth everything from nothing.  The Word that You sent into the world to dwell in the womb of a young virgin who cherished the Word, nourished the Word, nurtured the Word, became one with the Word before she brought Him forth from into the world.  The Word lay cherished in her filling her with unimaginable joy and delight until she brought Him forth to her ultimate sorrow and dismay when she saw how the Word was denied, rejected, abused and finally put to death.

Thankfully we cannot kill God and we cannot kill the Word who is God.  We tried and we failed and the Word is now stronger, more powerful, more radiant and immanent than ever.

Luke 10:45-48

My Beloved, the world continues to defile all that is sacred - marriage, family, life, children, women, men. We are on an ever spiralling madness to pollute the true, the noble, the good and the beautiful.  This is surely Satan's last hurrah.  How much further Beloved are we to sink until You appear and overthrow with whip and cord those who have dared to work in league with evil to destroy the works of Your hand.  Yet there is hope my Lord, there is always hope.  Yes, we have turned Your temple, our bodies into a den of robbers who pillage and steal the treasures of our immortal soul but once You have cleansed us, once we fall down on our knees in contrition and beg forgiveness, You will wipe us clean with Your Blood, You will restore our inheritance and evil will be whipped and cowed and rendered impotent even though they are presently frothing with manic hatred right now quite unaware that they are puppets and tools in the hands of evil.  But the day is coming when verse 48 will be fulfilled.

"but they were unable to do anything, for all the people were listening to him and hanging on his words."

  Thank You my Beloved for HOPE.

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