Thursday, November 22, 2012

Revelations 5:1-10, Psalm 149:1b-6 & 9, Luke 19:41-44


My Beloved, if You had not stepped forward and accepted the Father's will to bring His Word and reveal His Love to us, His fallen children, we would have had no hope of eternal life and joy with Him.  You are the Lion of the tribe of Judah, You are the Shoot of David, You are the Yes and the Amen of God.  You are the Lamb of Sacrifice and Your Blood is the Blood of Atonement that brings healing and wholeness.  You showed us the way to be pleasing to the Father.  You established Your Church on earth, You gave us both Father and Mother and in addition You gave us Your Holy Spirit.  You left nothing undone that God wanted done.  You are the Gate to heaven and the means by which all men are saved.  Thank You my Beloved.  My Lord and my God!

My Beloved we rejoice, the Church rejoices with heaven and acknowledges in triumph with shouts of joy and music all that You have done for us in accordance with Your Father's will.  We have won the victory because You became Man and redeemed us.  Every baptized Christian renders praise through the day and night. Your Name is on our lips and Your Word is the Light that illumines our lives and our path.  We shed Your light in a dark world.  As You accepted the will of Your Father so we in turn accept Your will and Your commission to carry Your Word of Salvation wherever You send us.  NO MORE FEAR.

 My Beloved, the world is in its present sorry state because we have failed You.  We were lax and we did not raise our voices when we had the chance to speak effectively, loudly and vociferously against sin.  The Church had a few lone voices but they were drowned out by the godless and the godly succumbed with a whimper.  

You wept at the sight of the city of Jerusalem and You weep at the sight of what the world is today.  We choose our leaders much like the people of old chose their kings.  Evil men with flaccid morals and without character who reflect what we have become.  We are taken up by externals and by slogans.  Words are used deviously to corrupt the truth and now we are surrounded by the enemy.  We are hemmed in on every side and the wolves are at the gate baying for our lives.  We have lost our children even from the womb and those who do survive the womb are swallowed by the corruption around them that is portrayed so attractively and peddled as the new morality.  We do not recognize even now the time and the visitation of God.  Be merciful Lord and may those who have remained faithful be ready to go out in Your Name and regain the world and the people whom You have redeemed for Your glory and for the glory of the Father and the Holy Spirit.  The time for sleeping has most certainly come to an end.

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