Monday, November 5, 2012

Philippians 2:1-4, Psalm 131:1-3, Luke 14:12-14


My Beloved, Your Body, Your Bride, Your Church was born of Love, it was created in Love and its destiny is Love.  How very far many  members of Your Body have drifted and yet we need not be discouraged.  The Father is constantly watching over His children, providing them with every good and perfect gift in You through the Gift of all gifts the Holy Spirit.  It is this Spirit of Love that must dictate all our thoughts, words and actions.  You remind us that only in a life of loving service that the Triune God can be present in fullness among His people in His Church.  It is then that she truly becomes a light to the nations dispelling the darkness in the world.

My Beloved to be childlike is to be trusting.  It is to have faith and hope.  It means to receive and give with abandon without any ulterior motives.  To love and receive love.  A child is not manipulative, it does not scheme.  It is innocent and pure.  A child's capacity to be content and happy lies in its inability to be anxious about the next moment.  Grant that I too may be childlike without guile. May I lie quiescent in the arms of Love content and happy to be who I am in You.  A daughter to the Most High God and co-heir with You to the Kingdom.

 My Beloved we live in a world where we are very careful in choosing  for whom we will do favors.  We expect favor for favor and so we keep our eyes alert in order to help those who can best reciprocate.  We help most readily those with influence in the certain hope that we will be repaid when our turn for help arises. We keep an account of whom we have helped and when and we expect gratitude at the very least if nothing else.  We do not forget when we render an act of kindness and are most resentful when people seem ungrateful and take our help for granted.  But this ought not to be true of the children of God.

It is precisely to those who most need our help and have no way of repaying us that we are called to pour out ourselves in humble and joyful service.

So many are hurting spiritually and we turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to their pain and loneliness.  Give us more generous hearts Lord, hearts that are sensitive to the needs of others.

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