Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Philippians 2:5-11, Psalm 26:22-31, Luke 14:15-24


Philippians 2:5-11, Psalm 26:22-31, Luke 14:15-24

---- Mine, You can measure the depth of your love by your willingness to offer and render whatever service is required by your neighbor.


Philippians 2:5-11

My Beloved, I am called to have Your mind and Your attitude, it is the attitude of humility.  Despite the fact that You are God - equal to the Father and the Holy Spirit, You placed Your will at the disposal of the Father.  You placed Yourself under His rule.  Your love for Your Father is so great that Your joy is to do exactly what Your Father desires.  To what great lengths this surrender took You.  Leaving Your glory behind, You descended in perfect humility into humanity and You became a slave.  You took on every aspect of being human including all our frailities subjecting Yourself to the elements of nature and the fickleness of men's affections.  You fulfilled the Father's will perfectly and in its entirety.  You gave Yourself up completely.  You who are God made Yourself vulnerable to the actions of men, placing Yourself under their power when You became man.  The Father in turn has restored everything to You and made all things in heaven, on earth and under the earth subject to Your Lordship and in doing so, the Father is truly glorified.  Because the Father loves His poor sinful children so much, He gave up for a while, His most Beloved Son for our sakes and now we too glorify the Father for all He has accomplished for us through You.

Psalm 22:26-31

Verse 30  My soul will live for Him.

My Beloved, people of all time and in all generations will acknowledge all You have done for us and will praise God.  You will receive all glory and all honor, all worship and all thanksgiving for redeeming all men from eternal death and decay.

In humility You continue to become Foor for our souls.  It also takes humility on our part Lord to accept the truth that ordinary bread and wine truly becomes Your Flesh and Blood at Your Word for You are TRUTH and LOVE.  We approach the table in humility aware of our total unworthiness for so great a gift but we receive You in joy.  We will tell our children and they will tell their children of what God has accomplished for man through You until time is no more .

Luke 14:15-24

My Beloved, even to this day people offer the lamest excuses to refuse Your invitation to feast at Your table.  The man at the table in today's Gospel speaks the truth when he says, "Happy are those who eat at the banquet in the Kingdom of God."  

The Kingdom of God is here and now made present at every Eucharistic celebration where we receive Food that refreshes, strengthens and enjoins us to God Himself.

People have been leaving the Church without a backward glance for inconsequential reasons - better preaching of the Word of God, better singing, better and more lively music, better fellowship with other men and women.  They turn their back on an invitation to dine and fellowship with You, to unite with You becoming one with You body, soul and divinity.  They refuse to fellowship with God preferring rather a fellowship without Him in order to satisfy mere human senses.

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