Sunday, November 4, 2012

Deuteronomy 6:2-6, Hebrews 7:23-28, Psalm 18:2-4, 47 & 51, Mark 11:28b-34


My Beloved, when we offer to God our humble and joyful obedience it is always most pleasing to Him.  It is by obedience alone that we can move the heart of the God of Love.  You are a perfect example of this.

Beloved, You summed up all the ten commandments into two - love God with all that You are and place nothing and no one above that love and love neighbor as yourself.  Obedience and love are the keys to lasting joy and peace.  Sweet Spirit of God, please engrave these truths on my soul and keep them ever before me so I may live them out joyfully every day.

My Beloved, we tend to forget that our priests, like the priests of the Old Testament were mere mortals like us.  They were subject to death, sin and temptation and needed to make expiation for themselves as well as for the people.  Our priests like us are weak and they fall, we hold them up to higher moral standards than the rest of us and so we should because they are Your anointed and consecrated but they still remain human and weak and sometimes they fall.

You are the one, holy and eternal High Priest who offers to the Father a perfect and acceptable Sacrifice eternally.  It is a Priesthood that has been conferred on You by the Father, it is an eternal Priesthood and in offering Yourself as the sinless Victim, You make an acceptable Sacrifice for the sins of all men and for all time.  Your prayers and Your Sacrifice on our behalf are pleasing to God. In uniting the poor sinful sacrifice of our lives with Yours at every Holy Eucharist it too becomes an offering acceptable to the Father.  Thank You.

My Beloved, today and all day I will pray the prayer of this Psalm and praise You.  My God who are worthy of praise, I shall raise my entire being to You as I sing Your praises and in exalting You, You will lift me up and fill me with Your own joy.  Thank You.

My Beloved, every question finds in You a perfect Answer.  You are the God of Love.  Your Name and Your Nature are Love and so loving You who are love is no hardship.  In loving You alone above and before all else raises our soul to heavenly places.  We exult and are glad.  If we love You with every cell in our body and every fibre in our being we will find that nothing You ask of us is difficult no matter what it may be.

I love You my Beloved nothing else is of any consequence than this truth.  I love You because You first loved me. Thank You!.

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