Saturday, November 3, 2012

Philippians 1:18b-26, Psalm 42:1-2, 4, Luke 14:1, 7-11


Every sin once committed in the dark is now being committed and celebrated triumphantly in broad daylight.  It must be so for only when the full effects of the depravity of sin and its detrimental consequences are made visible in the the body, mind and soul to all, only then will the powerful light of reason prevail.  Good old fashioned common sense will reveal the truth in the Church has always taught and cautioned against. 

 My Beloved, when we see the myriad ways in which Your Body is continually being fragmented and how far her members have wandered from the sheltering arms of Holy Mother Church it can be cause for much grief and sadness but St. Paul reminds us that if You are preached sincerely, it is cause for rejoicing.  What is important is that You are being proclaimed even if partially despite the fact that they do not possess the fullness of Truth.  In the end through all the muddling, the rigidity, the lack of humility and despite their narrow vision of the Gospel and the abysmal ignorance of the wonder and marvel of Your Presence, Body, Soul, and Divinity in the Holy Eucharist, You will draw all humanity to Yourself.

We however must remain alert, watchful and prayerful to guard against the enemy at work within the Church however we need have no fear for You have vowed that the gates of hell shall not prevail and You will remain with Your Bride forever.

Thank You my Beloved for satisfying my hunger, thirst and yearning for You in the most Holy Eucharist.  There by faith I see You Face to face.  Thank You!

How many of us are exactly like the guests at the Pharisee's table - we wait and watch like hawks with a distinct lack of charity and compassion to pick the specks in the eye of other.  We wait with malice hoping that they will make a mistake so we can say aha, got you! 
Our waiting and our watching is not in order to lend a hand if required, oh no, we wait and watch in hopes that our neighbour will fail.

Humility is a virtue sneered at and frowned on .  Everyone wants to appear better that he actually is all the while they know that the reality of who they truly are falls far short from the way they present themselves to the world.  In the end we begin to believe our own lies about ourselves and there can never be a greater deception than that.

The Gospel is full of contradictions and one is mentioned in today's Gospel.  The humble are exalted and the exalted are humbled.

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