Sunday, November 11, 2012

1 Kings 17:10-16, Hebrews 9:24-28, Psalm 146:1b, 7-10, Mark 12:38-44


My Beloved, I do not have much to give but all that I have I give You willingly, joyfully and wholeheartedly.  Like the widow who shared her last meal with the prophet, grant me the grace to share the little I have.  Most often it is not much.  When I am too tired to smile, to help, to say a kind word, help me to find the strength to smile, help and say the kind word.  With You all things are possible.  In You is perfect peace, joy and abundance.

My Beloved, this is what the Church believes and teaches her children.  You offered a once and for all sacrifice of Yourself to the Father in expiation for our sins.  It was a perfect, obedient and joyful sacrifice which was pleasing and acceptable to the Father for all time.

At every celebration of the Holy Eucharist, we re-present to the Father that same sacrifice that You offered on Calvary.  We are bathed in the Blood that poured out from Your Body and we are made whole.  We are cleansed and we are set free from sin.  You are now seated in glory at the right hand of Your Father where You plead and intercede for us whom You have ransomed and set free.  Thank You Lord! 

May my soul praise You always.  Whether I am asleep at night or awake in the day may my soul, aware of Your glory and majesty render You praise always.

My Lord, thank You for the wonderful Sacrament of Reconciliation.  Here on our knees before You we confess our wrong doing and we resolve with Your help to sin no more.  You forgive us and restore us to the family of God and we are once again a new creation because of what You have done.  You open our eyes and You restore us from spiritual blindness to spiritual sight.  You take our warped spirits and You touch them with love and make us whole again.  

No one is a stranger - all are welcome into the Church that is why it is called Catholic.  She cares for her children especially those that are most in need of her compassion - the weakest, the smallest and the most vulnerable.

 My Beloved, for all the times when I have been self-righteous and full of myself, for all the times I have thought myself better than others, I beg pardon and forgiveness.  You see me as I am.  I could fool myself in thinking I am better than my neighbor but the truth of the matter is that if I do see myself as better, I have already proved that I am a boastful, prideful sinner.

The truth is I am nothing.  It is You who sought me, You found me and You placed me on Your shoulders and brought me home.  I don't have much my Beloved but what I have may I give it as cheerfully and joyfully as the widow who dropped her mite into the treasury box giving all she had to live on.  Teach me to give as You did to the point of dying completely to myself.

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